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Questions covered this week:

  • Is EZDrummer good? Do you use it?
  • In what order should I put my plugins?
  • What tips do you have for recording music by yourself?
  • What’s the best microphone for recording in a home studio?

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2 Responses to “Ask Joe #50 – Tips for Recording by Yourself”

  1. Josh Deng

    hey Joe, I know I can see a download link on this blog page, but do you mind putting a direct download link on the RSS feed? You’re the only podcast I have that I have to go to the page first and then download. No biggie but it would be sweet, thanks!

    • Joe Gilder

      You mean the podcast RSS feed? Honestly, I’m hesitant to make any changes, because my feed broke for about 6 months… Sorry!


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