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Questions covered this week:

  • Is recording school worth it?
  • How important is matching mic and preamp impedance?
  • Is it okay to record drums in a small room?
  • When using a reverb, why do you adjust the send level rather than adjust the actual reverb track fader level?

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One Response to “Ask Joe #53 – Is Recording School Worth It?”

  1. Jerry

    I appreciated your take on recording drums in a small room. I have a small room at home and when my drummer and I first recorded drums it was super boomy. We ended up doing a bit of treatment with bass traps and diffusers which really helped. Sure it requires some experimentation with mic placement etc, but in the end a good drummer adds so much more to the music imo. You can also add reverb to give the illusion that the drums were recorded in a larger space. Great show!


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