You’ve got questions. I’ve got (some) answers:

Questions covered this week:

  • How much is too much acoustic treatment?
  • How should I build a web presence to showcase my portfolio?
  • Should I master while mixing?
  • How do I deal with electrical noise?
  • How should I go about recording drums with one microphone?

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  • Also the led zep technique for 1 drum mic is pretty efficient. sounds great

  • as for the ground loop, If using a laptop, just unplug your laptop. I used to get this problem with live recording at gigs.

    • Yep, that can help sometimes.

    • meddle

      Or, you can isolate the plug’s grounding with duct tape (I know it’s counter-intuitive), an use it plugged, if you need so. (My laptop has only 10 minutes of life after unplug it, but fortunately has no grounding 🙂 ).

  • PFRfan

    Joe from SF said that he has one mic to use on the drums. But if what he really means that he only has one CHANNEL to use on drums (he has more mics in his locker) a great idea that Ronan Chris Murphy recommends on his drum recording video is to use a small 3-4 channel mixer and premix the drums, then send the feed out to your interface. Even a $60 Behringer Xenyx mixer would have preamps that sound at least as good as Joe’s Tascam 424. Anyway, it’s something I’ve toyed with when I was channel limited. It’s a great way to commit to your sound since processing options later are pretty limited.

    • I love the idea of committing to sounds on the front end. It makes you work HARD to get a good sound.