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Questions covered this week:

  • Is clipping the master fader always a bad thing?
  • What’s the deal with bass traps? Do they work?

Recording Review Article: Why Your Bass Traps Don’t Work

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3 Responses to “Ask Joe #61 – What’s the deal with bass traps?”

  1. Jon

    Hi Joe,

    Congrats in advance on the twins!

    I thought your answer to my question was complete and thoughtful. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer it. You are dead on about the louder-sounds-better phenomenon. Happens a lot and I’ve recently started to adjust for that. Part of my question that you couldn’t answer (cuz I didn’t send a link) was if there was digital clipping in my mix.

    So: question answered, but if any of your readers would like to hear the mix in question, here’s the link:

    Does anyone hear digital badness in there?


  2. Bob Jordan

    Hi, Joe. Bob Jordan here , one of your VIP’ers. This was a very timely podcast, as I have become aware recently of how badly I need room treatment. I have been researching quite a bit the last few weeks. I’ve talked with my Sweetwater sales rep, who is solidly behind the Auralex foam and says he uses it in his studio. I have followed the endless online debates in various forums, most of which contends that the foam is virtually useless and I should use fiberglass panels by Real Traps, GIK, etc. I find myself completely confused. None of this is cheap, and I don’t want to pour precious resources into something that isn’t going to give me a measureable return on investment.
    Do you think the anti-foam people are too harsh in their criticism? Do those LENRDs work well enough to be worth it? Are there steps I can take to spread the cost? What would you treat first? Bass response is a big problem for me.
    Congrats on the little ones! Our first grandson was just born, in Nashville, and he is a delight.

    • Joe Gilder

      Hey Bob,

      Up until recently, I used LENRDs. They’re great for starting, and you can buy a pack of ’em and slowly add more as you grow.

      Sure, there are better options. Just like you can buy an SM57 or a $5,000 Neumann mic. Yes, the Neumann is probably better, but that doesn’t mean the 57 can’t get the job done.


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