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Questions covered this week:

  • Which tracks should be mono, and which ones should be stereo?
  • Should I switch from Pro Tools to Studio One?
  • Should I bounce down my background vocals to a single stereo track?
  • Why am I having phase issues on acoustic guitar?

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  • Nico Plett

    Fantastic Scottish accent!

  • Nick

    Thanks Joe. It would be great if you did a detailed acoustic guitar recording tutorial on the videos you’re doing now.

    • Thanks Nick. I just might. In the meantime, if you REALLY want a detailed video tutorial, then you need to check out:

      It’s what you’re looking for. It’s not cheap, but for the price of a really cheap microphone it’ll help you get mucho better acoustic recordings.

      • Nick

        hmmm I wanted to get that but it’s too expensive for me and I can’t afford it.

        • Fair enough. I do a bit 2-for-1 sale at the end of the year. That might be a great time to check it out.