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Questions covered this week:

  • How should I use my 7 inputs when tracking drums?
  • Should I use 2 microphones on a lead vocal?
  • What’s the best way to record vocals and guitar at the same time?

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9 Responses to “Ask Joe #66 – Record Guitar and Vocals Simultaneously”

  1. Nick

    Great episode, once again, Joe! Where can we hear that old recording you were talking about? Also there’s a free plugin called PhaseBug, with which you can basically turn the phase of a track around in a 360 degrees circle. It comes pretty useful sometimes when two tracks are like 140 degrees out of phase instead of 180.

  2. Noah

    For the person that asked about recording guitar and vocals at the same time: You could also try what Graham did on his Christiams EP. Mic up both the guitar and vocals separately but also plug in the acoustic direct and if you need more separation you bring that track up. Good luck! Try a bunch of stuff and see what works!


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