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Questions covered this week:

  • Will an external preamp improve my recordings?
  • How do you mic a 4×12 guitar cabinet?
  • How do I fix an out-of-phase recording?
  • How do I record vocals if I can’t put up any acoustic treatment in my room?

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  • Billy

    In regards to the Presonus Audiobox 22VSL. I recently got a Audiobox usb and discovered that both these units, though having combo jacks only allow instrument level signals on the 1/4 inch jack. A line level signal will cause distortion and possible damage to the device. This is covered on the Presonus Knowledge base on their website. They recommend using a direct box plugged into the microphone input for keyboards and whatnot. This would not bypass the internal pre-amp if an external pre-amp were used.

  • Martin

    Hey Joe–
    Thanks for the response! – hey FYI I *have* been trying a bunch of stuff since I sent in the question about treatment:

    * I tracked my last vocal in a small bathroom with a duvet over the mirror…not bad.
    * I’ve hung blankets in front and behind…also not bad..
    * I’m going to build some panels that I can move in and out – easy and cheap.
    * I also did a vocal shootout with my mics and the SM57 won hands down, largely because there was less room – so I’m sticking with that until I get it all sorted.

    I do wonder about the SE Rexlexion Filter – opinions seem so divided, many insist they are a waste…I would love to be able to get by without them, like it seems you do.

    I’ll keep experimenting.

    Thanks again,