This week I talk about the good and the bad of awesome gear. I also answer some great questions about getting a good doubled acoustic guitar sound and Slate’s new Virtual Microphone System.

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4 Responses to “Ask Joe #88 – Doubled Guitars and Fake Microphones”

  1. Dave Komel

    Love this episode! All topics near and dear to me. G(ear).A(quisition).S(yndrome)/T(ech).A(quisition).S(yndrome). – Yep! Struggle with it everyday. Nice, shiny, new bells and whistles are out there at every turn. REAL hard to avoid the temptation. Great point – start with the song. A couple choice pieces of good-quality gear definitely make a difference. Limits ARE good!! Mics – I agree! Get yourself a couple of good quality mics and learn them REAL well. I’m lucky enough to have a collection of 7 of various types, all less than $400 per, 2 channel strips and my TASCAM US1800 audio interface that have been able to cover everything I’ve done so far. Will I need more? Maybe one day but not right now. A virtual mic/pre amp collection even for “serious hobbyists” seems to be a little overkill in my humble opinion (NOT taking anything away from the genius that is Steven Slate). Stereo acoustic guitars – Doing LOTS of DOUBLED acoustic guitars right now as you have outlined. A little differential EQ tweaking also helps. I love the mix-in-mono thing! Using it more and more. Big problem-solver. Tube amps – I have access to a vintage 100-watt Fender Blues D’ville 212 but find myself using a humble little VOX DA20 (modelling amp) for virtually all my electric guitar needs. It’s small (dual 6″/ switchable 0.5W-1.5W-“max” configuration), really versatile and sounds pretty good recorded both direct and mic’d Critical listening – HUGE area on which to focus – not just in your “studio” but everywhere you get the chance. Actually caught myself doing just that at a big-box store recently. ‘Nuff said! (Sorry for the long-winded comment – recovering from double-knee “maintenance” surgery and I’m a bit stir-crazy.) Keep it up, Bro! This stuff is invaluable!! Thanks!!!


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