Today I rant about the naysayers out there. If you put yourself out there and release anything creative, you will inevitably encounter naysayers. Here’s how I’m learning to deal with them.

Plus I answer a LOT of questions about things like:

  • ducking (what it is and what it’s not)
  • mixing on headphones
  • tracking in mono?
  • picking studio monitors (what to look for and what not to worry about)
  • writing/recording music for video
  • dealing with windows in a home studio
  • using “lesser” quality reference tracks
  • changing up tools/plugins to keep things interest (good idea or bad idea?)

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4 Responses to “Ask Joe #97 – Dealing With the Naysayers”

  1. Nadeem Merchant

    Hey Joe, your link doesn’t work. it says, “The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.” Just letting you know.

  2. Nadeem Merchant

    I look forward to your emails every day. Little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. It’s good stuff, dude!


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