I’m very excited about today’s podcast, featuring my good friend Ben Gortmaker.

Ben just released an incredible album called All’s Lost, All’s Found. And the best part? It was all recorded and mixed in his home studio. Make time to listen to this podcast. You’ll hear some great music and interesting discussion.

Ben is an independent artist out of Nashville. You can find out more about him and buy his new album at his website:

Go there now. You can stream the entire record from his site…then, after you are blown away, you can buy it. ­čÖé


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22 Responses to “Ben Gortmaker Interview [HSC Podcast Special Edition]”

  1. Smurf

    I really enjoyed this podcast, it was a fun listen.

    I would like to point out a program that might interest you to use with your podcast, and it’s called Levelator….

    Just drop your finished .wav of the podcast on it and it will level the voices out. It is a good program I have used for a few years now, and feel that it works great! It really helped level out this one for me.

    Hope this helps

  2. Ethan

    Geez Ben everyone of your tracks sounds fantastic!! Really gives us little guys some hope as to what we can produce with our humble setups!!

    I have a direct question for Ben:

    On Everbody’s Got a Reason what type of guitar setup did you use? What guitar/amp/pedals everything. I LOVE the tone that you got!

    Fantastic record by the way!!


    • Ben Gortmaker

      Thanks, Ethan. Glad it’s an encouragement!

      I used an Gibson ES-137, through an Ibanez turbo tube screamer (lowest distortion setting), into a Fender Twin (either that or a Peavy Classic 30…it’s been a while). The rest is my ear!

  3. Julian

    Awesome. Just ridonkulously-awesome. Wow…
    I agree w/ Sean, goes to show the technology is the least-limiting factor when aiming to do a project like this. In fact, limiting the technology brought a creative-challenge that Ben did a fantastic job with. Good point in the podcast: using the 2 mics and their different color with all the layering probably made a huge difference. That and the EQ carving on all these tracks. Just awesome.

    And +1 to Chrisw92: very inspiring to musicians & songwriters on the home-studio journey. This just destroys the old lame “home recordings = demo” myth.

  4. chrisw92

    wow, just wow…

    that is super inspiring considering on what little he used to create such a great album, I only have my macbook pro and a keyboard at the moment with nothing else (as in gear). so knowing that somebody in the world who has very little gear yet with time and effort can make something as good as that… it makes me think “hey I’m going to try and get the songs I create as good as that”

  5. Sean

    Wow, this album sound fantastic! Just goes to show that in most cases it isn’t the tool that’s limiting.

  6. Jonathan

    Thanks for this! This album is amazing, bought it 1/3 of the way through the podcast. I always love hearing about how an artist gets their sounds.

  7. Terry GOld

    Wow! I bought the album after the second cut from the website. It did not disappoint, and I can’t wait to listen to the interview tonight when I get home. The music is great and it’s made all the better knowing that it came out of a home studio. I really appreciate that the whole album was available via streaming, and I was more than happy to buy the album to put some money in his pocket for the privilege of listening to his music.



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