It’s not what you’d expect from a happy customer.

Dueling Mixes member Jeff wrote to Graham and me over the weekend to tell us just how much he loves Dueling Mixes.

He shared how he used to download the tutorial videos from Graham and me, watch them first, then mix the song himself. But he felt like he was only trying to copy what we did in our mixes instead of mix the song on his own.

So he flipped it.

Jeff first attempted to mix the song himself. He battled through the mix on his own, then looked to us for help and validation.

He even admitted that his mixes aren’t nearly where he wants them to be. Not yet anyway. “I honestly doubt that my grandmother could even force a fake smile and tell me it was good,” he wrote.

Doesn’t sound like a happy camper, does it?

But he IS.

He’s having the time of his life, because he’s working his tail off and seeing improvements.

After working on his mix, he listened to our mixes, and while he felt that his mix was nowhere close to as good as ours, he wrote:

“At LEAST I could validate that several of the ideas I was going for with this song were present in spots of each of your respective mixes. Man… just THAT was awesome for me. Such great feedback! One huge and important positive in a biblical proportion-sized bloodbath of dismal failure.”

What’s that old saying? Is it “fail your way to the top”?

That’s what Jeff is doing.

It requires hard work. If you’re not willing to work hard, DO NOT join Dueling Mixes.

For the rest of you, roll up your sleeves and come on in:

Joe Gilder
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  • Chris_Vandeviver

    After finally biting the bullet and giving Dueling Mixes a try, I’m so happy with the choice. That was the approach I took as well. Vice versa, I was fairly happy with my mix, and after watching your and Graham’s videos, it gave me some different ideas for improving my mix. I tweaked, and I’m very happy. There’s something incredibly more satisfying and productive about mixing a song alongside other engineers!

    • Glad you bit that bullet, Chris. 🙂