I hope you had a Merry Christmas yesterday. Now let’s think about the upcoming New Year.

Here’s an email a client sent to me recently:

“Other than YouTube/iTunes is there any other way an artist can put out their music so that the public can get it. As we know iTunes is letting monthly subscribers download any and all new music so that the artist is not getting their fair share of the money. This is why the rapper Jay Z did what he did. So do you know of any other way if you can help me greatly appreciate it thank you.”

He’s asking an honest question, a question so many people are asking, but it’s the wrong question. As I typed up my reply, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Open your mind to the possibility of changing the way you think about how musicians make money. It could open up some awesome doors for you in 2018. Read more »

I finished up a notebook yesterday and moved into a brand new one.

As I flipped through the pages of the old notebook, I came across this horribly-drawn diagram that I wanted to share with you.

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Not Blockbuster like at the theater.

Something that busts creative blocks.

I’ve gotta write, record, and release an EP in the next week or so…and I got nothing. I’ve been legitimately busy, but the year is almost over, and I need to keep my commitment to release four EP’s this year. I released Someone to Blame, Rain, and Fighter. Now just one more…

I tried to come up with a few song ideas yesterday, and everything I wrote was lame. So today I’m giving myself some ideas of ways to bust through these creative blocks and crank out some songs. Read more »

I’m always hounding you to keep creating music. Occasionally one or two people will “get it,” and awesome things start to happen for them.

Here’s a big hang-up for a lot of people: “What if I create something, put it out there, and people don’t like it?”

Here’s the answer: Read more »