Presonus Live: Advanced Mixing Part 2 – Electric Guitars [Video]

This week for my final installment of Presonus Live, I continued the mix of “Behold,” focusing specifically on electric guitars.

You’ll learn:

  • The single best (and hardest) way to mix electric guitars
  • How to use EQ to balance different parts
  • When (and when not) to use compression
  • When to not use EQ
  • and more…


Presonus Live: Advanced Mixing Part 1 [Video]

In this video, I take the song that I started mixing in last week’s 1-Hour Mix video and dive deeper into some more advanced mixing techniques.

Most of the video is focused on mixing drums, several tricks I’ve picked up over the years to get a killer drum mix.

How to Mix a Song in One Hour [Video]

In this episode of Presonus Live, I demonstrate how it IS possible to get a decent mix of a full-band song in just one hour. Lots to learn here. Enjoy!