Printing Effects and Instruments in Pro Tools [Video]

Have you ever hit a wall when recording or mixing? Sure you have. We’ve all gotten the dreaded “I can’t handle this; please increase your hardware buffer size” message from our DAW.

In this video I explain how to print some of your tracks/instruments and free up more processing.


Tour of My Home Studio – Part 1

It’s been six months since I started Home Studio Corner, and it’s about time I showed you MY home studio! I love seeing other people’s setups, and I bet you do too, so enjoy!


New Video from WinkSound, Lots of Pretty Gear to Look At

Are you familiar with WinkSound? These guys post all sorts of cool videos related to music and audio production. They’ve posted many of my videos and have been a great friend to Home Studio Corner.

Here’s a cool video they just released, featuring Rodney “DarkChild” Jenkins’ studio. If you like looking at piles of cool gear, you’ll enjoy this video. (Just hit the play button to begin.)