As I type this, there’s snow on the ground here in Nashville. Feels like Christmas.

This time of year you may be looking for ways to help those in need. Here’s a small, quick way you can help (and get some good music, too).

Several of my buddies up at Sweetwater have contributed a few songs towards a compilation album to help their friend Nate Delagrange. Nate suffered a spinal injury about 10 years ago and is a quadriplegic.

A few weeks ago Nate was in a car accident, and while he’s okay, his van is totaled. You can read the full details here.

This compilation album, called “Wheels for Nate,” is your way to help Nate and his family get a new set of wheels. The album is only $10, and all proceeds go to directly to Nate. (Thank to Matt Adams for putting this together.)

The first track on the album is a rendition of “Deck the Halls” that I recorded a few years ago. I’ve never released it to the public before. Enjoy!

You can listen/buy here:

If every HSC reader chipped in, Nate would have his van in no time. Let’s go folks. Ten bucks. Good music. Good cause. Merry Christmas.

4 Responses to “Christmas Music, and a Good Cause”

  1. Julian

    Cool, I’ll snag it tomorrow, glad to help any way I can. Just need to balance the checkbook after my annual end-of-yr GAS attack. lol
    I sampled Joe’s track just now and it sounds great. Awesome take on that song. – hey Joe what other gems are you hiding from your fans?

    • Bob Sorace

      I agree with Julian, but I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, so it was refreshing to hear your version, I really enjoyed it! I shared this on my Facebook so hopefully we can all get together to help Nate out!

  2. Jamboni

    I purchased the Album yesterday and wanted to let you all know it is well worth the $10. Good cause and great music – can’t beat it…


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