• Jonny Lipsham

    Aye, Joe, this is pretty much my approach. Has worked for me for a good few years now. As my room is teeeny-tiny, I probably have little actual choice now!

    • Haha. Good point. When I moved into this current house I went from a pretty small space to an open space, and I realized I couldn’t spread all my gear out without buying a bunch of longer cables. Ha!

  • David Komel

    Yep! Starting to work that way myself, and you’re right; much more conducive to “the moment”. I’m in the process of building a new desk, and now that I have the rest of the basement back, I’ll be re-setting everything to be within easy reach too. The only problem that I’m having with this set-up is actually getting decent sounds. In other places in my room I do get “better” sounds. This should change once I re-set and get a little “treatment” done. The room is far from ideal, and is a work in progress, but it ain’t gonna stop me from doing this “recording thang”!! Will share some pics as I go. Thanks for sharing all these things with us. God bless!!

    • The big variable is definitely if you can’t get a good sound in that part of the room. I’ll sacrifice convenience for sound if there’s a BIG sonic difference, but if I’m just recording a simple acoustic guitar part that will be somewhat buried in the mix anyway, I’ll go ahead and lay it down right where I am.