• Brian Theoret

    Hi Joe, I’ve done the same sort of thing using the stock step filter plugin in Cubase. Works great to add some rhythmically different sounding elements to your mix.

  • Carl

    Hey Joe, how bout a good ol “chuck” guitar on the 2 and 4. I sometimes like how that shakes up a solid groove a bit 🙂
    That s what jumped at me immediately when I heard the groove. Anyways , that clav rules!

  • Beaker

    That is really a great way to make your mix break up a bit!! Great idea!

  • Nic

    Love the concept. Making me think about all my songs and their grooves. I think you’re trying to convince us that your clav sound is cool… Don’t worry, it is:)

    • Hahaha. It’s VERY out-of-the-box for me.


  • Warpfield

    Is there somewhere we can download and listen to this tune and others you have done?

    • Warpfield

      NM found the link.