Yesterday I posted a video on how to create a click track in Pro Tools. Today I want to show you how to take a click track and assign it to whatever sound you want using Xpand!, a virtual instrument that ships with Pro Tools.

What other click track tricks do you use? Leave a comment!

  • John Galici

    Thanks for this great idea. I just started recording and am currently using GarageBand for my DAW but am considering something else so any recommendation for something reasonably priced would be great. That said, GB has a metronome but it does not get inserted as a track. I was thinking about creating a MIDI instrument track and using the kick for a few measures and then copying and pasting for the length of the full song. I am going to give it a try tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the great tips.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks John!

    • John Galici

      Just and update to confirm that you can create GB click track by the method above. I “played” 2 measures of 1/4 notes with the Midi and adjusted them to ensure the timing was correct. I was then able to save them as a loop so that they can be added to other projects. The nice part is that it takes only a few seconds to change to another sound.

  • Hi Joe – It had been awhile since I used this trick that I learned from you, but I figured I could find it again on your website. I did, and you rescued me from trying to play against a plain old click track. I find it much easier to play against drums – thanks!


  • Love it! This is one of first things any recording engineer should know how to do. Those default click sounds are terrible. Good stuff!

  • This is gold. Plan to use this this weekend, thanks.