• Dan Bires

    Awesomeness Thats why I am a beast at recording and mixing now. Thanks Joe

  • Bryan Hoogenboom

    Dude, lovin’ the look of the Studio One V3 GUI. Nice! Do you find it easier on your eyes?

    • Yeah it feels a little more professional if that makes sense? slicker feeling

  • Diego

    Reaper’s compressor, “ReaComp” that comes with Reaper since version 1.00 of 2004 have this feature of “listening” just to part of the audio delimited for a lpf & hpf. Cheers

  • The Melda MCOMPRESSOR also offers a sidechain HPF – I believe it is free. Add also the Logic compressors let you use any number of EQ-like settings for the sidechain – HPF, LPF, parametric, shelf, etc. Lots of room for experimenting.

    For my live performance it doesn’t make much of a useful change, but I can clearly “hear” where it would be a change for the better, and simpler than a full-on multi-pressor.

  • Nifty trick – I can certainly make it work, but without much value on my live Bluegrass.
    Notes: All of the Logic Pro X compressors have a sidechain where you can set frequencies, Q, etc. with a ‘listen’ mode etc. Excellent.

    My newest tools – Slate VBC – has HPF sidechain filters on the FG-Red and FG-MU compressors. It sort of sounds like what I get with a multi-band compressor, but actually easier to control. Thanks for the tip.

    Switching my current ‘go-to’ buss compressor to the FG-Red and other Focusrite-style compressors. At least for this week’s submission to the lords of performance…

  • Rob

    Side chain filter! I definitely don’t have one of those or a multiband compressor, so I’d probably try isolating the kick drum range in one track and then compressing the other part in another track.

    Oh, the cool stuff y’all have! I really need to get away from Nero.

  • Simon Jewel

    Hey Joe, interesting video, thank you! I’m interested to know if you mix with a sub woofer or not? Thanks for what your doing 🙂

  • Oldblood

    I use this technique with BX Octo comp which has a similar facility as the Studio One comp. Works a treat as you show when the Bottom end is trying to control the process.