If you’re a Pro Tools user, then you likely received an email from Digidesign explaining that they’re moving forward with the “re-branding” of Digidesign. They’ve decided to nix the name entirely, using just the name of the parent company (Avid), and the ever-popular name of the software itself, Pro Tools.

So…I guess it will be Avid Pro Tools from here on out…or most likely everyone will call it Pro Tools just like they always have.

Why comment on this? Well, I for one don’t really care if Digi changes their name. It doesn’t really affect my day-to-day life. However, if you’re contemplating Pro Tools, you might get confused when doing your research.

I’m sure some dummies out there will speculate that Pro Tools is going away forever. That’s nonsense. They’re just getting a face-lift apparently.

Jon over at AudioGeekZine.com posted the entire letter from Digidesign. Click that link to read it yourself.

Also, if you’re interested in my Pro Tools tutorial video series, check out UnderstandingProTools.com.

Happy Monday!

5 Responses to “Digidesign: What’s in a Name?”

  1. pete parenteau

    your website is awesome.. im just starting out setting up my daw..your info is just what i need right now.. thank you ..pete.

  2. Cody @ Captive Records

    I read the letter at AudioGeekZine.com the other day and then received it direct from Digidesign/Avid in the mail. Also the M-Audio newsletter is getter replaced by Avid spotlight, I saw.

    Also, I just installed the 8.0.3 upgrade a couple of days ago and saw that the Digidesign name was replaced everywhere by Avid and the Avid logo.

    Either way, I don’t think it’s a big deal unless you’re a big fan of the Digidesign logo, then I guess you’re sad. Or if you’re in retail like @audiogeek mentioned. Still interesting to watch, though. Oh and good to note that the website is getting overhauled, too, I suppose.

  3. Julian

    +1 on the Native solution. I’ve used M-Powered & LE and they seem 99% alike. Seems like it would be nothing for Digi, er Avid, to unify them into one single codebase and start having a single “Native” Pro Tools product. Further, they could open up the approved interfaces and sell track-count based editions, instead of interface-based. You could have Pro Tools Essential, Pro Tools Native Studio, and Pro Tools HD…something like that?
    Letting PT work with a few more interface options (Avid & M-Audio interfaces, sure, but also Presonus etc too). They can still be sticklers & have their “approved list” of interfaces, but opening up beyond their own core Interfaces, a-la Logic, could have them being more competitive in the DAW market.

  4. @theaudiogeek

    If you were still in retail you’d care about the name change. It’s a HUGE inconvenience. Everything is on back order and now theres a shipping hold from Last week to April 12.

    Now if they would just consolidate M-Powered and LE into a more fully featured native solution.

    Digidesign was the more well known brand name.


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