5 Responses to “EZDrummer & Drum Software Questions [Ask Joe]”

  1. bryan

    hey Joe, I am trying to record in pro tools le with ezplayer pro and ezdrummer,
    do i need to go thru ez drummer if i dont wish to use the multichannel function,if not how do i record my drum track from ezplayer into pro tools? thanx, I appreciate any help.thanx

  2. Joe Gilder

    Make mono tracks for mono sources (like snare, kick, each tom). Make stereo tracks for stereo sources (overheads, rooms).

  3. Chris Winter

    The webcam has a horrible orangey glow to it but its nice to have a video again after so long.

    oh, by the way try a program called smcFanControl, I use it sometimes when I’m recording low-volume audio (I will put the fans to a low setting so the macbook dosen’t get picked up by the microphones). Make sure to put it back up to the default later on though or the macbook may get quite uncomfortably warm.


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