One of my readers asked about taking a Pro Tools session and sending it off without including all the various unused takes, etc. I decided to answer in a video. Enjoy!

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  • Frankie Sunswept

    Insanely helpful and very well done quick video. Gonna subscribe thanx 😉

  • very useful thanks

  • Mark

    Thanks for the video. One question why did you do a third save step by selecting ‘save a copy in’
    If this was already a new session and you removed the extraneous files in the regions list couldn’t you have just sent this copy?

    • Unless you actually delete the files, they’re still sitting on your hard drive. I just “removed” from the session, but the files are still in the audio files folder. When I “save copy in,” it only copies the audio files that are listed in the session, rather than copying ALL the files.

      You simply do this if you’re not sure you want to really DELETE all the unused files.

  • Joe, thanks for this video. I’ve needed to do exactly this before, but didn’t know the shortcuts — I ended up pruning copies of the session manually to remove unneeded audio files. This way is better!

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