It’s about time for me to release a new eBook. My last one, Home Studio Production: A Roadmap to Finishing Your Album, was really popular, but I wanted to take it a step further. I think more people would benefit from a more step-by-step approach to recording.

Enter 31 Days to Better Recordings.

This was a series I wrote last year, and now it’s available in a free 60-page eBook. All you need to do is sign up to my newsletter to get your copy.

Alright, go grab your copy! Here’s the link:

One Response to “FREE eBook – 31 Days to Better Recordings”

  1. Chris Winter

    Great articles in a nice tidy book. I had a chance to download this ebook before it was posted on this site or even facebook&twitter… One of the many advantages of joining the mailing list.

    Another being you get a few (two I believe) more great books from Joe for free.


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