• Good tip @joegilder:disqus! Thanks…

  • Ian Ballard

    Great advice, Joe and I will use it! On that note, I’m gonna be recording a hardcore punk band soon and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna want their amp buzz in the track! 🙂

  • Rob Kuhlman

    Great stuff Joe. Thanks!

  • Pete Woj

    I find that “buzz” you’re referring to, Joe, to be almost exclusively prevalent in Amp Sims. When I have to mix amp-simmed-guitars from clients, I almost always use a low pass filter with a moderate slope (12-24db)… Reason being, theres ALWAYS inaudible cruddy fizz anywhere from 5k and up. Just like using a HPF to clean out those inaudible low freq’s on non-bass reliant tracks, the same must be done for guitars recorded through ovedriven amp sims. If you use an EQ that has a “frequency solo button” like my trusty FabFilter Pro-Q2 or Brainworx Digital_V2 (Im not sure if the stock Studio One eq has this, but the stock Pro Tools eq does) you just sweep down in solo mode with your Low Pass Filter starting at 15k-18k… You know youre in the sweet spot when it stops sounding like crackling fizz/buzz and actually starts sounding like a guitar. Same premise here. You can just actually hear that fizzy buildup when everything else fades away. Try the Low Pass Filter around 8-10k with a 12db slope on every amp-simmed guitar track in your (or any other) mix… If you dont do it already, you’ll be amazed at how much it clears up the top end in your mixes 🙂 New track sounds awesome, bro!!

  • Samson

    Thanks for your wonderful service

  • Ricardo C

    Thanks Joe… This is really helpful… I bet most of us will use this trick on the regular basis

  • Jimvol

    Do you mean a low pass filter?

  • Darryl McEachin

    Thx so much for this great tip!! Works great!!

  • Rob

    Nice trick! So, I’m curious–does this trick work as a general fade as well? Maybe it can give that same kind of quality the guitars have, to other instruments like synths?

    • Absolutely. I discovered it worked well on bass and acoustic guitar today…which leads me to think it might be cool to put this automated HPF on the mix bus if you have multiple noisy tracks….

  • Carl

    Whoohoo awesome hint! I love these little hacks that save the day! This one is great!

  • Johannes

    Did anyone tell you before how great that short little teaser already sounds? 🙂

  • Bob Perrone

    Terrific idea, this one’s a keeper

  • Fan-tastic. Thanks for that gem!

    • And I’m finding more and more uses for it. I feel FREE.

  • Dan Isai Rodriguez Fuentes

    I wish I knew this before 🙁 had to use that quick-fadeout to hide all that buzz on my guitar tracks. I´m definitely going to use this trick soon. Thanks Joe.

  • Andy

    That is a really great EQ trick. Thanks!

  • Pierre Foisy


    • Johannes

      Perhaps because you are yelling so loudly! check your caps lock! 😉

    • It’s voodoo magic! 🙂

  • Dave G

    That is a very cool way to do a better fade out without losing sustain. Thanks, Joe

    • I’m finding more and more uses for it. Just today I did the same thing on an acoustic guitar track that had a little too much high frequency room noise/hiss in it. I’ve hit on something neat!