Update: Congrats to Erik O. for winning the free ticket. The giveaway is officially over. If you’d like to join the class, tickets are available here.

Ready for something new?

I’m launching a brand new 4-week class next week. It’s simply called Recording Electric Guitar.

I’ve done similar classes in the past (Recording Acoustic Guitar and Recording Killer Vocals), and I’m excited to get this next one underway.

Here’s a quick video explaining the class:


This will be a live class, meaning you’ll get new content delivered once a week for four weeks. We’ll cover:

  1. The Keys to Recording Electric Guitar [Live Webinar]
  2. In the Studio with Electric Guitar – HD Video
  3. Mixing Electric Guitar – HD Video
  4. Member Critiques – I’ll personally critique members’ electric guitar recordings.
And there might be a few bonuses in there for you as well…

Win a Free Ticket!

Before the tickets go on sale (there will only be 50  100 available*), you can enter to win a free ticket. Simply leave a comment below telling me why you want to attend this class.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning (8/27) at 9 am Central Time. (This is when tickets will go on sale, too.)

There will be a discount for the first several tickets sold.

The class will start the first week in September.

Good luck!

* I originally planned to only have 50 seats, but by the time I launched the class, I decided to go with 100. My apologies for the switcheroo. I wasn’t trying to be intentionally misleading. You know I love you. 🙂

138 Responses to “Announcing a New Class/Giveaway”

  1. Eric Bellamy

    Hi joe, I think I should be picked because I’m always looking to expand my recording knowledge, specifically electric guitar. One of my favorite albums of all time is Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins and the layering and sound of the guitars just flatten me every time. I’d love to channel my inner Butch Vig with a little help from the Home Studio Corner

  2. Fred Rock

    I want to attend this class because it would improve my skills. I believe this site has what it takes to bring my mixes to the next level.

  3. Steve Azevedo

    Want to attend the class to absorb the knowledge have some HSC credentials to boot! Being a drummer, I’ve gained respect from other drummers that I’ve recorded. You know the drill, tune the heads, mic placement, hours dedicated to setup etc.. and I can help them with that. For guitars, I’ve really left the onus on them, thinking they already know the drill, right? so wrong!!! Timing is perfect because we have just laid drums & bass and ready to start tracking guitars for our next demo. One guitarist plays clean, while the other more on the distorted side.
    Thx Joe, Steve

    • Steve Azevedo

      Joe, #8 for ways to be really poorly prepared for an electric guitar session, or any other: Dont Forget The Beer- you’ll play & sound better, heck that’s how RockStars really do it anyway:-)

  4. Stephen

    Joe…left you a message on your site that I was having some troubles playing your “Understanding” videos. You never wrote back. Anyway, I resolved the issue on my own.

    Stephen Ghirardelli

  5. Dave Cooper

    Hi Joe
    all joking aside, i want to learn the definitive answer to the question we all have. Which is better, Mic up an amp or go direct in and model it?

  6. Jon Ekam

    I want to attend this class because I crave to know more, to apply that knowledge and to be the best I can be. Simple as that.

  7. Bruce Williams

    Bruce Williams Hi Joe…as a drummer and keyboard player, one of the most difficult
    things to understand is how to get guitarist’s to sound as good as, or
    better than they actually THINK they sound!

    A little help with the ‘psychology’ of getting a good guitar performance
    and recording would be very helpful especially when I can tell the
    guitarist “listen …I know you know the best way to do this, but look
    i’ve done Joe’s course!” 🙂

  8. Samplidude

    Normally I record accoustic guitar and add electric guitar elements for fills and solo – I think I seriously underutilize the potential of using electric guitars in recordings and I hope to learn a lot from this class and broaden my creative options.
    Thanks for doing all this (EQ, Compression, etc)!

  9. Kristy Ferguson

    Hey Joe,

    I usually record a lot of acoustic guitar songs but I always think they are lacking something in the mix so I want to try your suggestion of adding some electric guitar to add texture, interest and finally make them sing. Unfortunately I have not recorded anything with my Fender Strat yet. The problem is I only have the choice of a Behringer pencil condenser or a Rhode NT1a. I would love for you to show me the way.

    I’m a big fan of the Home Studio Corner.


  10. Mohammad Reza Ghorbani

    I think I should be picked. because I live in Iran and there are no good Sound Engineer that knows this stuff. all my knowledge came from the web and this is a huge opportunity for me to learn. 😀

  11. John Neumann

    I play lead guitar in a band, and this fall will be my first time in a professional studio, and I want to be prepared. I’ve done a lot fo recording at home, but not been satisfied with my results.

  12. Sona balam

    I am a composer and mixing engineer this class will be most important for me. I really wanna attend this class

  13. Sam Speakman

    I’d love to do it because I’ve started writing some stock music for Audiojungle using software instruments, I’ve been neglecting my electric a bit and I’d really like to start incorporating it in to some pieces. I have recorded guitar tracks before using a DI but it would be great to learn some great amp miking and mixing tips for electric guitar. Also, I’m a poor full time student, so I’d very much appreciate the free ticket.

    All the best, sam

  14. Chapa

    Because I just quit my full time job as a teacher to pursue a career as a professional recordist. I am dedicating this period in my life to arming myself with as much functional knowledge as I can before knocking on studio doors this fall. Your podcasts, videos, and daily emails have been crucial in giving me a competitive edge and making me think about recording (something I’ve been doing for over 15 years) in a whole new way.

  15. Hugo Rejas

    hi joe im from lima peru im currently in college studing music production and i have a home studio i will love to learn about this it would help me grow as a producer . by the way sorry if my english is bad

  16. Katie

    Hey Joe,
    I would love to get this free ticket because as a young amateur music producer (and guitarist, hint hint), I’ve already discovered my passion which I want to set my life on; quite obviously, producing. Your videos and articles have helped me massively (not to mention using up and pack and a half of my mum’s paper to print out your e-book on how to get better recordings in a month — that was fun) but the one thing I’ve never understood is how to record electric guitar. I sent you an email a while back asking you to post an article on the subject, and I guess this is the way to reply to it! I’m only fourteen, and yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Oh she’s just a fourteen year old messing around with her music. WRONG. I’m nothing without music. I just want to make sure that people don’t dismiss my tracks because of my age and start thinking seriously about my music.
    So just to sum up this rather long paragraph, you’re awesome, and attending this class would make me the happiest kid in the world. I’d love it if you pick me.

  17. Vinícius Ávila Eichenberg

    I would like to win this giveaway because I’m a starter.
    Really, I don’t know much about anything and I’m trying to learn everything as good as possible to be great on my future job as a producer.
    So, that is why.

  18. Mike

    Hi I’ve been strumming for over 40 years. Its time to get serious about my passion.

  19. Paul

    I would like to get this class, for two main reasons.

    First, tomorrow the 27th is my birthday, it will be a great present.

    Second, is because I’ve heard so many “tips” from different people that I’m really confused. So far Joe has clarified lots of “myths” and shown them as is. Besides Joe is a no frills guy, he won’t send you to go out and buy a $3000 mic and $1500 in plugins.

    Well, that’ll be all. I have the chances high. Hondestly I don’t but I like to have the chance to win something anytime in my life. 😀

  20. Jorge Garcia Melian

    I would like to dare to record the guitar by micing the amp, not just plugin’ it directly in the computer!!

  21. Konrad

    I’m a big fan of all your work. I’ll be delighted to spend every minute learning on this class. I’m going to re-record my progrock album in near future, so I’m absolutely sure this knowledge will be priceless for me!

  22. Patrick

    I need to attend because I am totally lost when it comes to recording electric guitar, especially with distortion. I usually just go to an amp sim, because it always sounds better than when I mic it up. Plus, I’d hate to think that there was an HSC class that I didn’t take in the first round.

  23. Vaughan MacEgan

    I’m not going to even bother trying to win the free ticket. Instead I have 3 questions regarding this class. Firstly, I live in Australia, so is this thing open to international “students”, secondly how much do the tickets cost and thirdly what type of format are the “Webinars” in, that is, which video service are you using, and is the communication from our end chat based.



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