George, a new customer of mine, sent me an email that seems to describe a lot of my subscribers. Perhaps you’re in the same boat?

Check it out:

“My biggest problem has always been time. I recently stumbled upon Graham’s website as well as your podcast. Both are very informative. All this led me to the Production Club []. I like the idea so I decided to join. It’s funny because the first thing you ask on the site is ‘Do you have a hard drive full of unfinished songs?’ Why yes, yes I do. That seems to be the joke between my singer and me. So I’m determined to finish one of them!”

Ah, the old hard drive full of unfinished songs. It’s a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, you feel like you HAVE to finish all of the songs, and the longer they go unfinished, the bigger the burden on your shoulders. (The good news is you don’t HAVE to finish any of those. Sometimes songs just aren’t that great and don’t need to be finished.)

But on the other hand, selecting a few songs to REALLY finish can seem daunting or time-consuming, but it’s completely worth it.

Time is probably the biggest obstacle my readers and customers tell me about.

I get that.

I personally have a lot of time to record, but I still struggle with not MAKING time to do it.

It’s like I heard on a podcast recently, one guy kept asking all these professionals in a particular field how they got so much accomplished, how they had the time to do all the amazing things they were doing.

He said he kept getting the same answer:

If you want something bad enough, you make time for it.


Be like George.

Go make time for your passion.

8 Responses to “Hard Drive Full of Unfinished Songs”

  1. CameronN

     I will try. This summer I have to write eight essays for chemistry, read three books, write an essay on two of the books, then write a journal on the other book, complete on online health class, finish drivers ed, and volunteer at junior lifeguards for 6 weeks. (what happened to summer?!). Anyways, I hope I can try to make time for recording, and even playing my drums. In fact, I am going to practice right now!

  2. Dipendra Bagchee

    Sometimes the bigger problem is trying to keep all those unfinished songs organized. I can’t count how many Pro Tools sessions I have named Song Idea 1, Fast Riff 2, etc. The OCD in me would love to hear how you organize all your sessions, especially the nebulous work in progress/idea ones.

      • Rapturedamone

        I name mine the chord prgoressions until I get the lyrics settled enough that a word or phrase stands out and I know the name of the song. THat way when I look at them all I can remember easily ” Oh yeah that’s the Am Fbarre blah blah yadda thing. Keeping them organized has helped a bunch, just throwing the lyrics and chords and a quick recording of the idea I had when I began it into the folder. Then, when I have time, I can easily open the folder, pull out the lyrics, and write

          • Rapturedamone

            Ahh in a perfect world I would too!! 🙂 However, I record and then think up or hear things that I would like to improve on etc before the final mastering. Thus…the full hard drive of unfinished songs!

            • Joe Gilder

              Absolutely. It’s dependent on songwriting style for sure. I like to write with a guitar or a piano and a piece of paper. Some folks like to write inside their recordings software. No wrong way, just different.


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