HRS PodcastLast night I had the distinct pleasure of joining Jon Tidey and Ryan Canestro on the awesome Home Recording Show Podcast.

If you haven’t checked out the Home Recording Show, you should. I’m not one to sign up to all sorts of podcasts, but these guys are an exception.

They cover all sorts of topics for home studio owners in both a fun and informative way. Every Home Studio Corner reader should subscribe to this podcast.

Jon invited me onto the show to discuss Home Studio Corner and the HSC Production Club. You can listen to the podcast here:

Show 55 – Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner & Field Recording

5 Responses to “Home Recording Show Podcast, featuring Home Studio Corner”

  1. Julian

    Great interview man. Jon and everyone over there seem really cool. I like the radio-style “double-ender” (better audio quality, as opposed to just a phone call-in).
    Anyway, great interview, I’m totally subscribing to this podcast.


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