Sometimes you just need a reversed cymbal. It can complete you. 😉

I’ve got a video today showing you how. It also gives you a little taste of one of the tunes for my upcoming album. A behind the scenes look!! Enjoy.

  • Ben

    Totally awesome.  Been using your free cymbal swells but this is a new kind of color.  

  • Thanks for this tip! That is exactly what i was looking for! All the best for you!

  • Adam

    This was very helpfull.
    the subtitles get rediculous by the end though haha.

  • Kevin Hilman

    Thanks for teaching this trick Joe. I added a couple reverse cymbals to a kind of sleepy spot on one of my tunes this weekend and it really freshened things up. I tweaked one a little bit by adding16th note panning automation and am very pleased with the results.

  • Hwangman

    Very helpful, Joe, and i am really digging the song. That vocal hook is sweet.