16 Responses to “How I Got That Vocal Tone [Video]”

  1. Sean Charteris

    Joe, your voice sounds absolutely beautiful in this new song! I was just listening to one of your older tracks this afternoon – “Come Quickly” off your album “Out of Indiana” – a track that I thoroughly love, and yet your work continues to get better and better even when I thought it was phenomenal already. Well done! You are truly an inspiration. This new track is stunning and I am excited about the new album. Two things in this video struck me: firstly how good the song sounds with almost no mixing or plug ins – it must have been well recorded because it just mixes itself! – and secondly, the use of multi band compression. Just a few years ago you acknowledged not knowing how it works – I love how we all continue to develop. Keep up the inspiring work. You are an awesome singer and writer!

  2. Henry

    This will turn out into a great song!!! Thanks for sharing that tripple trick and that adding-female-toneality trick to your voice as well, which sounds -btw- awesome!

  3. Jan

    Nice video, nice vocals! Are you using an SM7B? What kind of preamp are you using? Heard that you need a lot of gain for that mic? Is that true? I am considering buying it and your vocal-sound is another good reason for that mic… 🙂 Maybe you can tell me a little bit about that?

  4. Dan Isai Rodriguez Fuentes

    Great song Joe! Yesterday I was listening “out of indiana”, love that record and this song sounds really great, bravo! (and thanks for share this video)

  5. steve b

    Another excellent video Joe. Love that you are willing to be so helpful with your skills by sharing your expertise. Will have to buy something from you to say thanks. Steve B

  6. abhayadevs

    Thanks for detailing the technique…. this week i gonna do a vocal tracking and mixing and if there is an option i will use it….

  7. Tamir Gordin

    Great one! I just LOVE the idea of you duplicating your vocal with a female singer. never thought of that. Thanx a lot Joe!

  8. Bigbadcarbon

    A thorough and well explained video. Thanks Joe. Will see if my stock Reaper plugins can replicate this.!


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