Do you ever have a section of a song that builds up but doesn’t really pop? Here’s a way to remedy that.

QUESTION: What are your favorite techniques for making build-ups pop in your productions and mixes?

2 Responses to “How to Make the Build-Up POP”

  1. Jerry

    Love the video Joe, I will put this into my bag of tricks! The way I like to make my chorus “POP” is through arrangement. I will add for example, a power-chord on top of a clean guitar track, a pad on top of the piano and harmonie on top of the lead-vocal when I go into the chorus. And I will also push the level by adding 1 to 2dB on my drums and bass track. Usually this will gave me enough “Pop” going into the chorus. But I will definitly try this new tricks! Thanks once again for sharing, I am so grateful for this web-site and I admired what you do. Keep up the great work!


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