Last week I posted an intro to MIDI video. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to quantize MIDI, so here’s my response:


21 Responses to “How to Quantize MIDI [Video]”

  1. gsprog

    Should have set your resolution to 1/8 notes. You don’t have anything faster. Setting to 1/8 would have resolved the imperfections you got at 1/16 resolution.

  2. hartunga

    How much latency do you get out from your rig? Because what I learned, that I'm playing ahead of the metronome, because of the latency. I believe this is what happened in this video aswell. In this case I'm not quantizing notes I've played, but with free edition (called 'Slip' in ProTools) I move the recording a bit to the “right” so all notes are getting in the right position. And than I try to quantize the small mistakes.

    Very-very good blog! Keep on, I've learned so many things 🙂

  3. Kato

    Joe, the great thing about this tutorial is showing that quantization isn't perfect!
    Mess with it… get 75% there… than use your mouse and make it 100%

  4. Julian

    Said it before to Joe, I'll say it again: best video on this topic from a ton I had sampled in the past. I liked seeing the “random” option in action, I tried quantization without it and I had Mr Roboto on some of my lame keys playing. Now I can be lame in perfect time and still sound human!

  5. fellard123

    Thanks Joe. I know it's going to be great before I even look at it. Going to look at it now



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