A few months ago, I was running a recording session for a corporate party for a bunch of folks from Boston. They wanted to record some country music (livin’ the Nashville dream).

So, I had to come up with a selection of country songs for them to sing to. This required me to figure out how to remove the lead vocals from these songs. Here’s how.

  • sam

    Thats really we can remove vocal from songs ………….. how it can possible

  • klein

    what program or software you’re using? please help..

    • It’s called Pro Tools. If you’re not into recording, I wouldn’t bother. It’s expensive. You could maybe do the same trick with a free software called Audacity.

  • Is it possible to remove voices completely? And still have the same quality of sound? thanks

  • acefecoo

    Hello! Could you guys recommend me an EQ which i can flip the polarity?…can i do it with waves plugins?

    • Every EQ plugin I’ve ever used has a polarity switch. It usually looks like this: Ø

      • acefecoo

        well i spent the last 2 days searching for an EQ with polarity switch….can you help me?

        • Your DAW should already HAVE one. But if not, anything from Waves will have one.

  • Spencer

    Gather any large crowd, add drink of choice, and eventually………..they will sing “Friends In Low Places”. LOL