In this week’s video, check out how I set up a mastering session:

And if you haven’t already, check out Ian Shepherd’s Home Mastering Masterclass:

  • Herb Felho

    The multiband compressor has exactly the same settings for each of the three bands (-20dB threshold, 2:1 ratio and so on…), that doesn´t really make sense to me, so it actually works as a normal compressor (not multiband) or am I wrong? BTW, excellent videos, the best i found so far on the whole www, thanks you so much for that!

  • jdps150

    Great video as usaul.
    Any benefit to using the Mixtool to add gain vs the fader by the song inserts ?

    • The fader doesn’t let you fine-adjust. I like to be able to enter in dB numbers. Like, go from 10 dB to 10.5 dB. Without having to click and drag a fader.

      • jdps150

        makes sense, I’ll give it a shot too

  • Bought Presonus right after seeing this. Always wanted a self-contained logical mastering set-up. Ozone pro is $1000, Presonus is great value and the plug-ins are phenomenal, plus there are lessons on the presonus site on mastering too. Cheers Joe.

    • That’s awesome, Dilan. I really respect Presonus as a company. And so far I’m loving Studio One, too.

  • SoundWave4000

    Thanks Joe, that was very informative and straight to the point!

    Do you have any tutorials using Studio Ones Multi-band Comp?

  • Great timing, just watching this whilst loading tracks from CD for a mastering sesson that I’ll start tomorrow – my session template is pretty well functionally identical to yours. Nice post.

    • Nice! Loading tracks from CD…not 16-bit tracks, right?

  • John Keoni Morris

    Aloha, Joe!

    Thanks for the video. Although I don’t use Prosonus right at the moment, your video showed me the basic tools that are necessary for a good mastering session, e. g., VU meter, TT meter, EQ, and the elusive Three Band Compressor. Wow, I could use a course on how to use just that.

    I do have one question if you don’t mind: Is it possible to do a good mastering job using a less sophisticated and more common program like WavePad? It has a great display for the waveform and has some great sound effects. But I really need to know if it’s up to the job.


    • Hmm..I’ve never heard of WavePad. But as long as you have good, decent equipment, then yes, you should be able to master things well.