Home Studio Corner is turning 1 year old on April 22.

In honor of HSC’s birthday, I’m giving away a present to one lucky HSC reader. What is it?

How about FOUR MICROPHONES. And no, these aren’t leftover mics I found in my studio closet. We’re talking a brand new, custom package of four microphones, AND an SKB case. I’m going to call up Sweetwater and buy this mic package for one of you. That’s $300, plus shipping.

I’ll tell you how to enter the contest in just a second, but I want to explain why I’m doing a contest…I’ve got a couple of reasons.

1. A Big Thank You

As a reader of HSC, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to YOU. Without you and readers like you, there would be no reason to continue posting articles and videos, developing products, courses, etc.

Thank you for constantly coming back and checking in. It means the world to me…really.

I’ve made some GREAT friends over the last year, and I look forward to making many, many more.

2. Help Spread the Word

I’ve got a lot of great readers here on HSC, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there are LOTS of home studio owners out there who still don’t know about Home Studio Corner.

If you like HSC, and you’ve learned a lot here, would you help me spread the word?

If so, then you’ll like this giveaway, because for every person YOU refer, your name will get thrown in the hat for the free microphones. Refer 30 people, that’s 30 additional chances for you to win the mics.


Before you can start referring folks, you obviously need to enter the contest yourself. Ready? Here’s the link:


Have fun!

  • Peter Najdzin

    Happy Birthday HSC, and many, many more. I am glad you are here!

    All the best, Joe.


  • Posted this on Posterous and Facebook … and twitter.


  • Kevin Hilman

    What a sweet prize! Happy Birthday HSC!!

  • Randy

    You’ve helped a lot.Happy one year! Cheers!

  • Joe R.

    I would try and help HSC without the give away!
    But it would be nice to have some diffrent mics

    Thanks again Joe for what you do!

  • Soft-spamming my TX musician/home studio friends to enter. Good luck to everybody, but most importantly – Happy Anniversary HSC! Amazing what you accomplished in just 1 year Joe, congrats…

  • Hi Joe,

    Is this a worldwide giveaway? Our US/UK residents only?

    • I may regret this, but I’m planning to ship this to the winner…wherever they are. 🙂

  • Alessandro Cometti

    Friend, who already subscribe to the newsletter automatically is already running well? Thxxx soo

    • You’ll need to use that giveaway form to be in the running. And obviously referring a bunch of people will help your chances. 🙂