Last month I launched the HSC Production Club. The first class has been a great success. I’m having a blast doing it, and several of you have asked when I’m going to open the doors again. I have good news.

I’m opening registration again this weekend.

The introductory price of $39 per month was exclusively for folks who signed up for the first class. In 2010, the price will be going up significantly. (A lot of my current students feel that somewhere between $79 and $99 per month is what they feel the course is worth.) However, before the increase happens, I want to run a Christmas special.

You can sign up for the next round of the HSC Production Club for $49 per month.

Registration will be this weekend. The doors will open for 72 hours, starting Friday, December 11th at 9am CST. You will have until 9am on Monday, December 14th to sign up.

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t forget the money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely happy for any reason, I’ll issue a refund. No problem.

Head over to the Production Club page to find out more.

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled programming. I’ve got a cool gear review coming down the pipe later this week!!

10 Responses to “HSC Production Club Class #2”

  1. Ricky

    Hi – I’m not a home studio owner, but have an interest in production since I’m in a band and we’re starting to record our own tunes. We’re pretty skint so don’t have a lot of kit. So far we’ve just used Garageband and a Line 6 UX2 but the results have been better than I expected.

    I won’t always have access to this kit (it often lives at the guitarist’s house) so is it worth me joining the HSC production club, or do I need to have a DAW close at hand during the 12 weeks of the course?

    Also, I’m in the UK – does that matter?

    • Joe Gilder

      Hi Ricky! One of the current club members is from London, so you’re not the only one!

      You can be as hand-on as you want to be over the course of the club. You’ll receive the videos as actual downloads, so you can refer back to them whenever you want (even if it’s 6 months in the future).

      I wouldn’t say you NEED to own a recording setup to follow along. You can just sit back, watch me record and teach, then apply those techniques the next time you use the recording equipment.

      I think you’ll like it a lot. 😉

  2. David

    Production Club (session 1) member here. If you’re on the fence about signing up, i’d HIGHLY recommend doing so. We’re only 4 weeks in and i’ve already experienced several breakthroughs in terms of songwriting, not to mention the insane amount of helpful advice Joe gives out regarding DAW’s, efficient recording techniques, songwriting, etc…

    The class is amazing, and VERY much worth the price. I’m hoping to get some friends signed up very soon.

  3. carlisle

    what ever your Daw is. this class will meet your needs. So sign up sit back, and enjoy.

  4. Leo

    I am interested in the new class … but i am wondering if not being on Pro Tools will make it a less effective class for me ( i am on Logic )

    • Joe Gilder

      I have SEVERAL Logic, Cubase, and Sonar users in the first class. They’re all learning a lot and enjoying the class. There will be some Pro Tools-specific content, but nearly all of it translates to other platforms.

      • Kato

        Don’t forget Reaper user(s)! 🙂
        The HSC production club is awesome! Joe is also a very talented musician!
        Go for it!

    • Neil

      Hey Leo, I’m a Logic user that’s currently in opening class, and it’s definitely valuable (and I’ve never even *seen* protools before). Some of the specific technical details are different, but when it comes to the main point, it always applies cross platform. Also, there are plenty of other Logic users in the class, so we can ‘share notes’ about how to do whatever it is we’re working on. IMO, if you have even a little bit of experience with Logic (or are willing to look a few things up in the manual), you’ll be able to follow along with no problems.

  5. Julian

    As a member of the opening class, let me just say I highly recommend Joe’s HSC Production Club. It’s for anyone looking to get better recordings, no matter your skill level. If you’re thinking about taking a class like this, at this price I say go for it.
    As a new home-studio owner, I have learned more here in the past 4 weeks than I’ve learned in nearly a year. Joe takes the class through arranging, recording/editing/mixing of a song. I cannot emphasize enough the value to your own workflow by following-along and watching Joe’s own approach. It’s great info at a great price, and I’m having a ton of fun learning. Check it out…


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