In case you missed it, yesterday I explained the brand new HSC Production Club. Today I hope to answer any lingering questions you may have.

But first, don’t forget the live question and answer session this afternoon from 1-3 pm CST. I’ll be there to answer your questions both about the Production Club or just recording in general. Ask away!

You can watch on the HSC Production Club page or on my UStream channel. To ask questions, you’ll need to sign into UStream and join the chat!! (It’s free, and they don’t spam you. I promise.)

On to the questions…

What will happen to the HSC regular blog posts and videos when the HSC Production Club begins?

Great question. HSC isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be posting regular, free articles and videos to the site. I understand that the Production Club may not be for everybody. You are welcome to simply enjoy all the free content as much as you want. The Production Club will be an option for you if you want to dive in deeper and work one-on-one with me.

Will the video content remain available to members after the 12-week session has ended?

Absolutely. You’ll be receiving all the content each week via a downloadable zip file. I thought about making a separate website for members where you can stream the content. However, I think actually having the QuickTime video file right there on your computer makes more sense.

The videos are yours to keep…forever.

Do I have to use Pro Tools?

I will be using Pro Tools throughout the entire course. I know that DAWs like Cubase and Logic have a very different work-flow than Pro Tools. However, the basic principles of the production process still apply.

Things like pre-production, microphone technique, editing, mixing, etc., are universal principles that apply whether you’re using Pro Tools or Reaper. The way you go about doing them will be different across each platform, but I still think you will be able to walk away with a LOT of helpful, practical information.

To be completely honest, a select few videos won’t apply to you if you’re not using Pro Tools. For example, there’s a “Setting up Pro Tools” video that goes extensively into setting up PT for recording. On that note, since I don’t use Cubase, Sonar, etc., I won’t be able to offer application-specific help with setting those up.

However, I’d still consider being a part of the Production Club. Even if a handful of the videos and information don’t apply specifically to your rig, the majority of content will be very applicable.

Seems like you tend to use a lot of stuff that is 3rd party while you edit & mix – that doesn’t come native with Pro Tools. Are you going to lean more toward options that ship standard with Pro Tools LE, for the purposes of the course demos?

My goal is to keep the content as relevant as possible. For those of you with only the stock Digi plug-ins, I’ll use a healthy portion of those. I will also use some of the Waves plug-ins I own along with a select few virtual instruments, such as EZDrummer.

It’s the same scenario as before, though. The fact that I’ll be programming drums with EZDrummer doesn’t mean you can’t take those exact principles and apply them to [insert another drum program here]. Even if we’re not working on identical setups, you’ll still be able to follow right along.

Think of it this way. If you were to enroll in a painting class, chances are you won’t have the exact same paints and brushes as the instructor, but you’ll still be able to walk away with valuable information that you can apply to your own art.

Is there a return/cancellation policy?

Absolutely. If you’re for any reason not happy with the course, or if you simply don’t think it’s worth the money, let me know. If it’s not extremely helpful to you, I’d rather not keep your money.

If you do choose to cancel, I’ll happily issue a refund. If you cancel after week 4, for example, I’ll refund you, AND you can keep the videos you’ve downloaded. You will, however, be cut off from the rest of the videos for the course and removed from the members-only forums.

For those of you who work through the entire course, you will have lifetime access to the members-only forums. There also might be a special secret bonus or two in store for you. 😉

How about a contest?

*UPDATE – This contest was only good for November 2009.

Would you like to win a FREE membership in the HSC Production Club? Help me spread the word about it, and I’ll put your name in a drawing for a free membership.

How to qualify – Simply share a link to the HSC Production Club page on your Twitter or Facebook account or website. Once you’ve posted the link, be sure to show “proof” by leaving a comment here with the link to the place where you posted it. I’ll need to see it with my own eyes to be able to drop your name in the hat. I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.

Here’s the link:

Ready??? GO!

  • about2flip

    How did I miss that email about the Prod. Club. When is the next opening, and are you going to have the material for the next group available.


  • Congrats on this awesome new project Joe, best wishes.
    just posted the link on my FB account!

  • Yo, Joe! haven’t dropped a comment in a while but I’m slowly started getting back into HSC & props on the whole HSC prod. club idea! Seems like people are pretty excited for this whole learning experience. I’ll join the contest, currently posting a status update on my facebook about this. “If you record music, check out or just, a great site for anyone who wants to learn to record or just wants to get better.” If you want you can add me to check it out, but take my word for it I just posted that. peace!

  • Just posted to my Twitter page. Great idea and concept!

  • Carl

    This is tremendous. I’m new to the program and can’t believe my luck in landing this website. A couple of things. 1) I haven’t had time to look for the pay on line to sign up (pay-pal etc), where do I pay. 2) When an event is going to take place, please include a date and time. Ex: Tomorrow I will be discussing – – – – Tomorrow? Tomorrow when? please include date so there’s no confusion from the date shown of your posted message. 3) Finally, when will this program begin? Thanx – CSS

    • Hi Carl.

      1. I haven’t opened up the sign-up page yet. It will go live on Monday, November 9.

      2. Date and time. Great point. Thanks for the advice!

      3. The program will begin as soon as you sign up, so…starting on Monday, November 9th, around noon.

      • And don’t forget that the internet is global so if date and time are included make sure we all know exactly when that is likely related to a time zone as we all live in different time-zones.

        Oh just a thought.. maybe you can find a tool/script that will automatically pick the time-zone of the page reader (from their computer or something) and adjust the actual time displayed to their zone so they don’t have to work out the recalc!!..


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    What if your using a Boss BR-1600 CD?

    • Hey William. Good question…You won’t be able to benefit much from the editing sections, but concepts like mixing, etc. would still be helpful. And you could always refer back to the editing videos whenever you upgrade to Pro Tools (which I know you’re planning to do eventually).

  • David S.

    Hey Joe!
    I put a link on my twitter page. drop my name in the hat!

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    C’mon everybody spread the word!

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