I sent out an email to my newsletter subscribers yesterday, and I got a TON of responses. It took me a couple hours to go through them all. It was so much fun to hear everyone’s story and find out a little bit about what they’re doing in their home studio.

If you’re a regular Home Studio Corner reader (or even if you just discovered it today), I want you to leave a comment below and let me know a little bit about you, what you do, what your goals are for your studio, what part of the world you live in…things like that.

Why? 2 Reasons:

  1. I want to get to know you better.
  2. I want you to get to know all of the other HSC readers better.

After all, we’re all fighting in the battle of good recordings, and it makes sense that we all know each other as well.

So, here’s your chance to brag…tell us how awesome you are. Give us a link to your website, Twitter or Facebook page, etc. What are your goals with recording? We want to hear from you.


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148 Responses to “HSC Readers: Introduce Yourselves”

  1. Declan Jones

    Hello everyone, My name is Declan Jones. I am a 16 year old musician from Northern New Jersey and I was recently turned on to Home Studio Corner from my father. Joe’s ’31 Days to Better Recording’ was a great help and really put things into perspective. I hope to go to college for a degree in sound engineering so that I can become a sound engineer/producer when I leave school. I was under the impression that all these fancy gadgets would lead to better recordings and often found my self getting discouraged when looking through the monthly musiciansfriend catalog, but Joe’s book showed me how to make a well working studio for well within a 16 year old’s budget. This website is great and I will certainly network it through my local music scene. I hope to get my own studio up and running quite soon, and who knows when you will hear of me next!

  2. Brian

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a 51 year old music enthusiast with a basement home studio in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been playing in bands since I was 12 and started recording around 1980 with a TEAC 8 track 1/2″ tape machine. I play most instruments that you hit or pluck but nothing that blows. I write and record music for my own enjoyment.

    My current set up is Cubase 5.5 on a Sonica Labs PC with Mackie HR624 Monitors and BX10 sub. I run multiple TC Powercore and UAD2 cards for plugins along with some vintage outboard gear. For the audio interface I have a TC Impact twin, Presonus firepod and 2 Eurkea mic pres with spdif outputs. The mics in use are the U87, SM7, multiple AKG condenser and dynamic mics, Cascade Fathead ribbon mics and Shure SM57 & 58s. I use a Radial Xamp reamp box and the Universal 710 Twin-Finity preamp.

    Instruments include the classic DX7 synth, Roland SX300, Fender Rhodes, Tele with a b-bender, Strat, Jazz Bass, Seagull acoustic, Carter S-10 steel, mandolin and dobro.

    The recording space is acoustically treated but I also use the IK Multimedia ARC at the mix position and the SE reflection filter for tracking vocals.

    I do stop by your website from time to time but I get most of my info from podcasts and magazines (EQ, Recording & Canadian Musician).


  3. Mark Grace

    Hey Joe,
    Where ya’ goin’ with that gi’tar in your hands?

    ‘Sorry – ‘couldn’t resist…

    I sat on this one, and it looks like quite the turn-out, eh?.

    I’m in the “older” category at 50, but with a really cool home studio (www.rogueshollowrecordings.com), years of playihng drums live, and a really solid bass player named Z-Man, we can offer up the most solid of bass/drum rhythm sections for Blues, Folk Rock, Country or whatever else floats yer’ boat.

    Having helped build and operate a pro studio in Hartville, Ohio in a previous life, complete with analog tape, outboard gear, and no computer…I continue to strive for the “real” and “open” sounds of actual instruments played by real musicians. (There are some great players in the area should instruments like keys, horns, harmonica, etc., be called for by the song…)

    Home recording is a passion of mine and thanks to guys like you, things flow a bit smoother these days – even the explorations and experimentations!

    Thank you Joe – for your dedication to the art and your willingness to share what you’ve learned.
    Your first-hand experience is golden.

    Peace, Good Health & a Prosperous New Year,
    Mark Grace
    Rogue’s Hollow Recordings

  4. Tim Shannon

    I have been playing instruments since I was about eight years old, and writing for almost that long. I have played in bands and performed solo for many years. I write and share what I have learned in my years of struggle on a somewhat personal basis. I am working on a website (link below) and it is just barely up. The songs there are from a year ago, and when I hear them now, I can’t believe I put them up. Anyway I am re-doing all of them using many of Joe’s tips. Taking my time this time and enjoying the ride.


  5. Hicham

    Hi everyone ! My name is Hicham, i’m a 34 old bass player from France, and i’ve decided to try to make music for mutimedia projects in a professional way, but i really really need some tips and practicing on mixing !
    So i’m very glad to have found this great website !


  6. Kevil Gregory AkA KEDGE MUSIC

    Hi guys. Im KEDGE a writer, producer, engineer and performer. Im learning to do it all myself and Mr. Glider is a great help. I love all music and can create any as well. I love what I do and do it out of love but if and when I start making $ with my talent then that would be grand. Thanx and God bless you all.

  7. Petri Suhonen


    My name is Petri Suhonen, I’m from Finland and I’ve been making electronic music about 10 years or so. I produce under my own name and sometimes using artist alias “Primo Lux”.

    Six years ago I produced a track titled “Turnpoint” (trance) under “Primo Lux” and it was released through a dutch record label and it got quite popular around Europe (it went to position 1 in dutch dance charts).

    Since then I have released a couple of other single releases in EDM scene.

    Recently I’ve been concentrating on different genres such as chill-out, downtempo, ambient and experimental.

    I use FL Studio as my DAW and my studio gear consists of Intel i7 PC with 12GB RAM, Audiophile Delta 2496 soundcard, Behringer Truth B2031A monitors, Oxygen 61 MIDI keyboard & Casio CK-3800 keyboard for band usage.

    VSTi’s I have and am regulary using Komplete 7, Nexus, Vanguard, Z3ta+, IK Multimedias Sampletank 2.5 XL, Sampletron, Philharmonik, Samplemoog, Sonik Synth 2, IL Harmless.

    Sound Forge is my choice for audio editor.

    I also play keyboards (Casio CK-3800) in a band called “The Red House”. We play jazz, funk, reggae, fusion in our own style.

    That’s pretty much it πŸ™‚

    I’m glad to be here!

  8. Alex

    I am 18 and I am fom Ohio ^_^ I have been playing drums for about 7 years, and guitar bass and piano for 5. I started making music with Fruity Loops 3 (:P) and use FL Studio 8, 9, (and hopefully 10), Melodyne, and about 120 GB’s of plugins and samples. I have a behringer mixer and recently purchased and ART interface and preamp. I do alot of scoring for movie trailers and cinematic backing tracks. My goal is to have a full operating studio in the next 3 years and am well on my way πŸ™‚ I absolutely love this site and the tips – you learn so much every day. Kepp up the good work and it’s great to be a part of this community πŸ˜€

  9. Eric

    My name is Eric from Austin, Texas. I’ve been a musician (guitar/sing/bass/songwriter) for over 17 years. I’ve mostly been writing my own music (a Texas-style rock) but recently started writing with my wife who likes a lot of really good female groups like A Fine Frenzy, Feist, Lily Allen and Metric. This past year I have been really digging into recording. I’m using a TonePort UX2 audio interface, Logic DAW, and BlueBird mic to record demos and I’m starting to get heavy into production and making higher-quality recordings. My band just recorded our first EP and I wasn’t happy with the mix that the studio engineer did. So, I decided to re-mix it myself because HST gave me so much useful info! This site has been indispensable and definitely stands out among all of the other recording sites. I’m hoping to transform my office into more of a studio and Joe is helping me suss out all of the crucial things I need to be doing. Thanks!

  10. Manny

    Hello all,
    I’m 46 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I’ve been playing guitar for around 30 years and had a home studio for about ten years now. I discovered Joe’s website by accident, searching for information about Pro Tools and I’m glad I did. Joe has made it an easy transition for me from the analog world to the digtal world and it seems as if now the possibilities are endless. I have written music for a few independent films and I’m currently trying to pursue the gaming industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.
    I am running a Mac Mini with an Mbox 2 which I upgraded to Pro Tools 8 and I just picked up an Axium 49 keyboard which works great with Pro Tools and now I’m able to explore the plug in world with ease.
    Thanks Joe HSC RULES!!

  11. Charlie

    Hi everyone, my name is Charlie and I’ve been playing guitar and mandolin about 30 years. I worked as a professional side man for the first 20 years. I played lead guitar for Pat Green in his early years. I have been a Software Developer for the last 10 years (got tired of being poor). My first attempt at building a home studio was in the early 90’s with an ADAT, and a Mackie 1604 mixer (which I still have). I actually did some jingles on this system and got some on the radio without a clue about mixing or EQ. My second attempt was with Cubase VST 3.5, an Echo Layla on a Win 98 PC where I learned MIDI and a lot about getting good recordings at the source but still had no clue about mixing. I got a new setup (Presonus FSP/Cubase last year for christmas from my wife and have been writing & recording a lot of instrumental music. I have recorded about 15 song ideas, but none are completed yet. The old adage applies to me with mixing, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.
    Thanks Joe for all you do, I have learned a lot from this site.

  12. Toby DeGard

    Hello Joe,my name is Toby DeGard and I live in southern California.Have been a performing musician for many years,but with the lack of gigs due to the economy I have been trying to submit material to some of the stock music sites and see if I could earn a couple of bucks at home,and still stay involved in music.This is where you have been a help,as most of the high profile sites have rejected my stuff due to EQ problems etc..I have Pro Tools 7.3 and Mbox mini 2.I play a Les Paul,have 5 and 6 string bass’s,several keyboards,and midi controllers.You explain things very well,and I enjoy every lesson you put up.Thanks for sharing your knowledge.Toby DeGard.

  13. Wayne

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Wayne (Tapped Out Beats) I am 49 from MA. I started playing guitar as a child and picked it up again in 2006. I also started to venture into electronic music to create beats and soundscapes etc. and now I have a home studio with Keyboards, Synths and Guitars and spend 8-10 hrs in there daily. I Love it! I am hooked! I am no expert and don’t play live but, I belong to many music sites and have done some collaborations online with other artists all over the world. I just recently changed over to an iMac and purchased Logic Pro 9 the other day so looking forward to recording with that. I have recorded many songs under Tapped Out Beats but, need to learn the art of mastering. I am always looking for ways to better myself and my music so, I am grateful Joe for what you do and honored to be around such talented musicians. Thank you!


  14. Dave

    hi there! 23, m, w. My name is Dave here from South Africa. First off, thnx for this awesome website Joe! it has really helped me a lot! I’ve been a musician for 6years now, played in a alt / punk band, recorded an album etc – didnt go too well though and we split up in 2007. But the “bad’ had the good – since now i am able to do ALL the music genre’s i love most. I always say – i like any genre of music, as long as it’s darn good! i do prefer rock, especially classic rock like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi etc though.;-) i am a newbie with the recording though – only got my stuff about a year ago, and thanks too you Joe and another site (dont know if i should mention?), i’m doing pretty good. still got lots to learn though – but thats what i LOVE about it, it never gets old. Main use for my studio is to record my own stuff – but would like to up it to the point where i can record and produce for clients. I know it’s near impossible – but my biggest dream is to make it in America in the music industry! Love america. Hey,,, a man must dream to keep motivated and inspired! Well thats enough about me – going to read up more on the other cool guys here now. πŸ™‚ peace. Dave, South Africa.

  15. Paul Munafo

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a long time musician (Brass and piano/keyboard) Who has decided after years to record a CD of original Christian music. I purchased my equipment 1 year ago…DAW/Cubase 5/Dual Monitors/Mr816CSX/Steinberg CC121/Korg Triton Studio/JBL4328P/monitors/mics etc…I purchased an online recording course and it did help some. I have been working on 1 song for 9 months,(part time) and i am only now starting to see the kind of results that would make me think it is ready to send out to be mastered. But i have learned allot, and continue to learn. I hope soon i will be able take what i hear in my head and make it come out of the monitors.One thing I have learned though is what i think is the problem many times isn’t.
    Good Luck Everyone,

  16. Carman Lynner

    I am a consultant engineer/instructor by trade, but recording has been my hobby since the early 90’s when I heard a song on the radio and thought, “I could make a better song than that!”. It has been nearly twenty years and I am still trying! Who knew it would be so difficult?

    My basement studio is based around a MacPro running logic and a Mackie d8b board, with a good assortment of instruments and cheap mic’s.

    Thanks for all the advice, Joe!

  17. Danilo

    Hi Joe, hi all,

    I am a guitarist from Brazil and I record my music as a hobby. I have been trying to do better recordings, but mixing is still an obstacle. I am searching for mixing tips and for advices on buying monitors, as I still ‘mix’ with my headphones. Some of my music is on http://www.myspace.com/danimusics
    Thanks for your work.

  18. David O'Sullivan

    Hello from snowy Minnesota/USA. I am a playwright producing (attempting to produce) audio drama. I have a minimum setup and I’m planning on doing some modifications to a 35′ x 14′ workshop to create a configurable sound space. I’ve got a long way to go. Equipment is minimum:
    quad core running Win 7 Pro, BBE sound maximizer, Behringer MDX2600 Composer Pro-XL Compressor (still in the box), various mics and pre-amps, Adobe Audition 3.

    • Jason Smith

      Hey David,

      Where in MN? I’m in the Minneapolis area. Feel free to ping me through my website (www.krakenrecords.com) if you want to chat. Nice to see a local here.


  19. Ts Tunes

    Hi there I am T of Ts Tunes, I am a Lyricist/Melody Writer and struggling to load my MIDI instruments into ACID and Studio One at the moment, so frustrating to see the sound registering but not able to hear it from my monitors. Well enough of my drama..It’s a pleasure to have met Joe as my Sales Agent at Sweetwater quite a few years ago and to continue following him as he displays his music skills and assists others. You are a great guy Joe keep bringing the world together through MUSIC : )

  20. Matt Marciano

    Hey ya’ll!!!
    My name is Matt Marciano, I’m a bass player, song writer from Italy.
    I’ve been playing the bass guitar for over 10 years, i play guitar and drums too.
    I’ve been working as session player in these past couple of years and had the chance to work in big studios and with great people all over the world.

    I’ve been producing bands in my home studio using Pro Tools LE since the 2008, and so far i had a lot of fun, especially during the mixing process, i think that mixing is the real soul of the final product! And the cool thing about it is that you never finish to learn new cool stuff!

    So far if i had any problem or doubt about something, Joe helped me a lot with his suggestions! so..THANK YOU SO MUCH JOE, YOU’VE BEEN THE BEST MENTOR I EVER HAD!


  21. rick roll

    I was a prof. musician for many years
    playing mostly rock and blues. I got
    a day job and started recording. I built
    a small recording studio and slowly acquired
    the gear to set up a pro tools system. MY
    primary interests other than recording are songwriting (pop and cowboy music). The cowboy music celebrates the history of the old west, cattle drives, vaquero horsemanship etc. I am also a student of
    jazz guitar. I record some local acts and have a lot to learn about recording so I hang out here.

  22. Terry Nelson

    Hello everyone,

    Well, I don’t really fall into the Home Studio category but soime info. Part of my ‘job hat’ is designing studios and I keep saying that I do NOT want a studio of my own πŸ˜‰ However, I am also a musician so you could say that the band rehearsal room is turning into a potential project studio.

    My real bag is live sound: SR and live recording so the ‘studio’ is more of a flightcase operation that currently consists of a Shuttle with Pyramix 6 (and soon Pyramix 7) with a Yamaha AD8HR 8-channel mic pre with AES/EBU out and an Audio Design MIDA systems 4-channel mic pre with AES/EBU out + analogue and this is the main interface to the DAW. I can then add in consoles and outboard from the ‘store’.

    Where am I? Brit ex-pat living in Switzerland.


  23. Mark Tindall

    G’day from Down Under!

    I started playing lead guitar in rock bands at age 15 back in the 60s. Yes, I’m a full-time dinosaur musician with guitar as the primary instrument. I write my own material and have recorded a number of albums. Sonar is my choice in DAWs. as my DAW. Having found a number of good articles at this site, I thought I’d join up. More on my website.

  24. Jason Cathcart

    Greetings. I started recording things when I was 11 with a cassette deck and a couple Akai mics. I later had an ancient reel-to-reel, a Sears guitar, a Roland SH-2000, a Wurli EP, a Bassline/Drumatix, and some other now-vintage gear. I still have the Wurli and dearly miss my Moog Prodigy / sold it to get a Kurzweil K2000 πŸ™
    Anyway, this is about recording… in college, I worked for KNPR in Las Vegas assisting with recording Four Queens Jazz Night (in a lounge) and the Nevada Chamber Symphony (often live and outdoors — a tactical nightmare). Both were fantastic, in-the-trenches kind of experience. It was practically volunteer work, but I probably learned a college degree worth of knowledge. Recording jazz was especially hard for me because I am not a fan. Also, the board was backstage so I could not see what the musicians were doing: “Oh, that’s a bass solo!… what’s that sound… he’s.. he’s singing along with the bass? fader up!”
    Now, I’m a career IT guy (Unix admin) and music and recording have stagnated to part-time hobby. I’m driving software synths/fx with a midi controller/FireWire DAC through Event ALP5 monitors. My headphones are Audio Techinica ATH-M35 (highly recommend – good clarity). I also have used Sony MDR-7506s (slightly hot and little bright). I was using a PreSonus FireBox DAC, but PreSonus does not support it well. It also picks-up HF EMI from the DAW motherboard/power supply; I can hear my mouse move. I now use the CME UF400e. I was using old Cakewalk SONAR but am now trying Reaper ($40!!!). So far, it seems to work better than SONAR for me. My DAW is a homebrew Windows 7 box. Not a lot of recoding, these days, though…. yet!

  25. Todd

    Hey all,
    I’ve been in and out of the music biz over the years and currently have a guitar tracking company that I run out of my home studio. I have been blessed to work on the road and in the studio with some super cool people… but there is nothing like a home studio! Looking forward to meeting everyone that digs this site as much as I do… Thanks Joe

  26. Donnie Randolph (AKA) Buckley's Ghost

    I have been singing for over 35 years, playing guitar for about 10 years now and just started recording my own projects about 5-6 years ago. I have been in many bands over the years, some cover bands but mostly originals.
    I am currently based out of San Diego, Ca and go to school for music engineering.
    I am familiar with Cool Edit and currently using Cubase.
    I love to pick up tips and tricks from anywhere I can, I read magazines,websites, friends recording sessions and of course getting your emails in my in-bin is the sweetest of all. We never stop learning no matter how much we think we know.
    Keep up the hard work my rocking friends and Ill see you at the Grammy’s.

  27. Philip Towns

    Hi everyone,
    I’m sixteen and I’ve been into music for about four years now. My focus is in christian music. I play keys(piano, keyboards, organ)and I’m learning how to play guitar. I got into recording and production about a year ago and have picked up really quick thanks to people like Joe. I’m currently in process of producing my first CD. It’s been a lot of fun and Joe has helped me tremendously. My goals are to become as skilled as possible in production and engineering and produce good christian music with a message. Much love from Alabama!

    God Bless,

  28. Dan Russell

    Hello everyone.
    My name is Dan and I’m 38 years old. I moved to Los Angeles about 11 years ago to go to an audio engineering school. Would you believe it, after school I never got one job in a recording studio? Luckily there was plenty of work in television. I’ve been doing sound for TV for the last ten years. In the meantime I’ve been building my own home studio in my house(my wife especially likes live drums.) The learning curve has been slow, but I’ve picked up some good (and bad) techniques on my own. (The internet is great because of all the good info out there, but also terrible because of the huge loads of bad advice that people just love to give.)

    I love Americana music and I’m in a couple Country/Rock bands here in town. I play bass (upright too) and I’ve had the opportunity to work on 3 or 4 albums from local artists. I’ve been a Pro Tools LE user since 2001. I’m still using the DIGI002 but have been collecting preamps and mics as I go.

    Mixing is a massive passion for me and trying to find good, useful information out there on the internet or in any of the books that are available (I have many)is hit or miss. This site is by far the best source for “good” information that I’ve seen out there. So far, Joe Gilder is the best “mentor” that I’ve ever had, and I’ve never met the guy. I’m loving it and I’m soaking it all in. Also, it’s nice to be a part of this community with everyone.

  29. Joseph Kim

    ‘Ello everyone.
    There seems to be many Joe’s here at HSC! Maybe it runs in the name.

    I am a worship leader here in North Carolina. I’ve been at it since I was 14 and now I’m 25. I’ve traveled to many states along the east coast playing live and leading services. It wasn’t ’til about 4/5 years ago that I began investing in recording gear and got serious with my own writing and recording.

    Live is one thing, but recording is a whole other! I guess the feeling of live can’t be compared to the recording process and the result but I found so much joy in starting with nothing and resulting in what I can call music. When making money isn’t a factor and music is solely a hobby and enjoyment of life, recording takes a special place in my life.

    I am an absolute beginner when it comes to recording and can’t stop myself from learning more. This is where HSC has played a huge role in my growing process.

    From reading few posts, it seems like there are many professionals here. I hope that you all will share your knowledge and wisdom in recording so that people like me, who doesn’t know much, can grasp as much as possible!

    Thanks HSC(Joe Gilder) and everyone else!

  30. David

    My name is David, I’ve been a professional musician for 17 years, doing most of my work in churches. I started as a keyboard player primarily, but now play a lot more acoustic and electric guitar. I consider myself a songwriter and have currently shifted a lot of focus to that. I enjoy the recording process, though I have always had a hard time with the mixing process; specifically using dynamics correctly and EQ. I also have questions about home studio micing techniques. I have enjoyed reading the posts on your website and hope to have more time to dig a bit deeper. Thanks for making these resources available.

  31. Mike Gallant

    Hello all,
    I live in central Mass. I am a guitar player and have been playing seriously for about 14 years. I mostly play Classic Rock but am pretty open minded to all forms of music. I have been home recording since 2002. Recording was the incentive for me to learn about computers. Shortly before then I could barely turn one on. I currently have a home studio above my garage called “Groovedog” I thoroughly enjoy recording and am constantly trying to learn more and improve. Your website Joe, has been a great asset. I’m very glad I discovered it.

  32. Edward Coffman

    Cheers everyone,
    My name is Edward and I’m 48 and I live in Denver Colorado. I’ve been playing music since I was about 8 and I was a music major at the University of Colorado 1980-1984 on Trombone. I also played bass guitar since Jr. high School but I didn’t start to learn about recording until I was at CU.

    My life took a major turn when I got out of school and I left music (long story) and about 15 years ago when I heard Michael Headges and Michael Manring play a concert on the Artist Series on Christmas Eve and I was hooked in music again.

    I told my wife I wasted to get back into music in a big way, so she bought me a bass and started playing in a band. I’ve sense taken classes at FTM studio’s for recording engineering and started a small home recording studio in a room of my house.

    I’m now in the process of building a new recording studio in my garage and I’m blogging about my experience so hopefully others will have something to consider when building their own studio.
    Keep up the good work Joe. You ROCK!

  33. Tim Brickel


    I’m a Jazz/Funk drummer in Leeds, England and got into recording by accident after demoing and album for my partners record company using Garageband. Turned out they like it and released it! Have upgraded some gear since and move to Logic.

    I have a hell of a lot to learn and already found Joe’s info invaluable…and the rest of his circle of friends…. Nice to hear about them from the HRT downloads.

    Would love to find a way of making some money now from this knowledge and equipment!

    Thanks Joe. You’ve really got my brain thinking. Please keep it up. Cheers Tim

  34. Joey Townsend

    Hey all,

    my story, in short, started in 80s metal and ended in 90s grunge as a singer. However, got into a singer/songwriter mode in late 90s when home DAW recording really kicked off. I used Cubase on and off for years (started on Cubasis when VST first came out) but fell out of music until this past summer and only recently started writing and recording again and recently converted to Presonus Studio One Pro (which I LOVE) and picked up some new Presonus gear. I’m using the Presonus FS Mobile and now, thanks to Joe’s review, just ordered a Eureka strip. It’s amazing, as a musician, just how little i know about recording and audio. Sites like this have been critical to my learning. I’m at best a novice recording engineer but have learned a great bit in the past few weeks. I can play pretty much anything, but recording it is a new frontier of learning and enjoyment for me.


  35. Robert

    Hello World! Ex-player that left playing 20-+ years ago. Just looking to get back to music as a hobby. It was a killer full time 20 years ago. So just looking for info and ideas. I have picked up tips that have helped me with a podcast (sorry outside of music) that is in the works. Record on a intel quad, 6gig ram, 640gig HD and 2TB second HD. Adobe Audition 3, USB.009 MXL, Shure pop screen. Still not found the perfect cans. Really need better near field monitors. Came from a tape world and Digital is still strange and new to me. Feel like I am back an endless whirlpool of gear!! But the prices are better than ever before:)

  36. Daniel

    Hello everyone,

    I’m 31 years of age, have attended a school for audio engineering. Now, not only have I my own personal project studio in my basement in a spare bedroom, I also work in a studio as well. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now and can’t think of anything else I would rather do.
    Thanks to Joe, I have been able to take his advice and implement it in a variety of ways in my own projects.

    Thanks Joe!!!! and keep it up!

  37. Tizoc Estrada

    Hey guys,
    I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in this field, but I’ve made a few purchases over the years so that I have the opportunity to record my music on my own terms. My music is loop-based so I’m an Ableton Live user. I still learn tons here though.
    Currently rockin’ a True Systems P-Solo/UA Solo 610 combo going into a fireface 400 and into my Macbook. I wish I had the money for an A-Designs Pacifica, but what I do have will last me for quite some time.
    Learning a lot about Midi at the moment to help with triggering clips in live shows and what not. Anyways, just glad to be a part of this community.


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