Did you know you an import video directly into Pro Tools? Here’s how:


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  1. Hillel KAPS

    Guys I actually just tested out importing videos for the first time, it seems that with quicktime the audio does not come in however I WAS able to get the audio to come in from an MP4. Havent tested AVI yet but being that its the video format I deal with mostly I really hope it works. Hopefully I’ll keep you all update. This would make audio/video syncing much easier. The typical basic video editing program only gives you a tiny waveform of the audio and you have to attempt to sync it up from there. not cool.

  2. Jonathan

    I’m importing a quicktime video and selecting the import audio checkbox to import the audio along with the video, however, no audio is imported. When I bounce the video it’s there. Do you know what’s wrong?

    • Joe Gilder

      Check the regions bin on the right side of the window. The audio should be in there. Drag and drop it into the edit window. See if that works.

  3. Jonathan Williams

    when I import my quicktime file and select the import audio from file check box it doesn’t import the audio from the video. Not sure why, anyone know?

  4. Ian Shepherd

    Great tip about the modifier options !

    I’ve never tried re-exporting the video, I always bounced the audio alone and re-combined it later in Quicktime Pro. If you choose to export the video from PT, do you get a 1:1 copy of the original video ? Or does it export in a default format ?

  5. Ryan

    Awesome. I edit my video in final cut and I always had to use Garageband for scoring-type things, but I’d much rather use pro tools. It was sitting right there and I didn’t even know that the video import option was available, thanks Joe, nice work!


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