Did you know you an import video directly into Pro Tools? Here’s how:

  • ben elder

    i wish i would have known this a long time ago…

  • Hillel KAPS

    Guys I actually just tested out importing videos for the first time, it seems that with quicktime the audio does not come in however I WAS able to get the audio to come in from an MP4. Havent tested AVI yet but being that its the video format I deal with mostly I really hope it works. Hopefully I’ll keep you all update. This would make audio/video syncing much easier. The typical basic video editing program only gives you a tiny waveform of the audio and you have to attempt to sync it up from there. not cool.

  • Jonathan

    I’m importing a quicktime video and selecting the import audio checkbox to import the audio along with the video, however, no audio is imported. When I bounce the video it’s there. Do you know what’s wrong?

    • Check the regions bin on the right side of the window. The audio should be in there. Drag and drop it into the edit window. See if that works.

  • Jonathan Williams

    when I import my quicktime file and select the import audio from file check box it doesn’t import the audio from the video. Not sure why, anyone know?

  • Great tip about the modifier options !

    I’ve never tried re-exporting the video, I always bounced the audio alone and re-combined it later in Quicktime Pro. If you choose to export the video from PT, do you get a 1:1 copy of the original video ? Or does it export in a default format ?

  • Awesome. I edit my video in final cut and I always had to use Garageband for scoring-type things, but I’d much rather use pro tools. It was sitting right there and I didn’t even know that the video import option was available, thanks Joe, nice work!

  • You never ceease to amaze. Excellent find with the option key trick. Can’t beleive that it’s not documented.

  • Got one of these for loading home videos into Logic 9? – P&R (Peace & Respect…)

    • Nope, but I bet it’s roughly the same process.