Here’s a quick video for you. (I haven’t posted a video since before 31 Days to Better Recordings!)


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3 Responses to “Intro to Acoustic Treatment [Video]”

  1. Mike c

    this is the second room treatment video I’ve watched today and I refuse to let these lies continue. one was this and the other was someone who “rescues” home studios.

    both were pushing products from their sponsors. sadly, that foam doesn’t work. check out the numbers, they don’t lie.

    DIY panels made from Owens Corning 703 work amazing. that is the material most used for making absorbers and bass traps. I’m not a skilled craftman and have a few serious medical conditions and was still able to make broadband absorbers and bass traps with ease.

    I’m sick of this misinformation all in the name of pushing products from a sponsor

    • CamBam

      Weeeeeeeelllllll if you check the numbers (the NRC ratings), you’ll find that 703 Owens Corning rigid fiberglass is the absorption equivalent of 3″ wedge foam, which is much cheaper.


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