To round out “Editing Week” here on HSC, I’ve put together an Intro to Editing video for you. It may seem a bit backwards, but we’ve talked about why you should or shouldn’t edit your tracks, and now I want to make sure all of you know the basic tools of editing and how it works.


In other news, this is the 300th Post here on HSC. Yay! πŸ™‚

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  • Joe McKenney

    This has given me alot of ideas and can save me from doing more takes in my projects. I’m still new to the DAW and uses since just getting back into the bussiness and still follow thw old ways of analog tape in the studio. You videos help me alot since I have allways benn a hands on learning guy more than reading to see what you are doing works great for me keep up the good work.

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  • Gurraastrom

    Awesome video as always. That song seem really, really good, can I hear the full version somewhere?

  • carlisle

    @ work catching up on internet time. Been real busy here lately. Editing is what I’m trying to master now. Joe u always manage to get into our heads, for what we need now. Thanks

  • Preshan

    Congratulations for 300 posts Joe! Really appreciate what you do. Great video as well. πŸ˜€

  • jaime cruz

    Thanks for all the knowledge you share friend you are of great help and inspiration to those who are starting

    greetings from chile

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    300 posts? I must read your older articles. I like to duplicate the track so nothing overlaps during editing (and manually insert cross-fades where needed), seems to make everything look cleaner.

  • avi


  • Great video as usual!

    This isn’t related to editing (well, it could be in a way) but the more I watch your videos the more I’m falling in love with the Pro Tools GUI, as well as the workflow. Stop converting me with your pretty videos!

    Its definitely a little bit more of a scenic route to do what you did there in Logic, even though I’m used to it by now. For some reason I’m always spending more time editing and pocketing MIDI than I am audio…probably due to the amount of MIDI I use, now that I think of it…

  • Ed

    Contrats on the 300 posts.
    Editing is a must and some of the cool things that can be done with editing is, among a myriad of others, creating a whole 4 or 5 minute song with about 20 seconds of actual recording. For example: 3 seconds of perfect picking (taken from a 10 second line of repeated picking); 5 or 6 seconds of hard strum for the chorus’; one measure of bass riff (each for chorus and verse) and then add the drum track. You can even sing a one or two catchy phrases and repeat it as necessary.
    Copy and paste to the whim of the muse and viola!

  • The most amazing thing is that you manage to keep making music as well as maintain an internet presence. Congratulations! What? Have you given up sleeping?

    • Define that last word…I’m not familiar with it.

      Ha ha ha.. Thanks Sparqee. Long time no see. πŸ™‚

  • Mark

    Great info Joe, and congrates on 300 posts! I use Kristal Audio Engine and it is very similar. Sometime I record in kristal and then edit in audacity. Any advice in doing that?

    • You just have to be careful when you’re transferring files back and forth. Things can easily get accidentally deleted or mis-aligned with the other tracks. But it’s certainly doable.

    • Kahlbert

      Hey Mark, if you’re using Kristal you should definetly have a look at PreSonus Studio One which is practically KAE’s successor (same developers). Just saying …

  • Carlos Diaz

    Joe, 300 post are definitively awesome!!..great job πŸ˜‰

    btw, liked the video very much.

    thank you!

  • Carlos.A

    Hey joe , what about if the srtist messed up in one note. Lets say his or her is playing a Bass and the take sounds great . can you replace that note with other one in the performance , can it sound natural or always there is a % of noticable editing? sorry about my english is not good … πŸ˜€ I’m from Colombia

    • I’ve totally done that before. For example, I was recording @CrummyJoel on bass a few weeks ago, and I accidentally wrote the wrong note down on the chord chart I gave him.

      I just found another place in the song where he played the note I needed and copied and pasted it. With a little work you can make it fit in perfectly.

  • Franco

    Hi Joe,

    300th post already? Wow, everything goes fast when is fun eh? Congrats and thank you!

    I use Editing quite often, sometimes is very useful and sometimes distracts a little bit too.

    Looking forward to see the next editing posts. great topic!


    P.S. Anybody has a good technique to edit timing in acoustic guitars? Is a very dificult task in my opinion. Of course, that is said when you work with a file that cannot be re-recorded.

  • Thank you Joe for this very informative video on editing. I learned a lot.

  • Hey Joe, congratulations on the 300th post!! Thanks again for everything you do.