Today I’m reposting a video that’s been on the website a looooong time. It’s a classic.

(Due to its length, the original video was posted using Viddler, but now I’ve re-uploaded it to YouTube.)

It’s called “Intro to EQ.”

It’s around 15 minutes long, definitely one of my longer videos, but I wanted to give you a good, usable overview of EQ, something you could use TODAY in one of your mixes.

Enjoy one of the HSC classics. πŸ™‚


Want in-depth training on EQ? Check out Understanding EQ:

55 Responses to “Intro to EQ [Video]”

  1. Kvint Studio

    Great video!!! IΒ΄m from Norway and IΒ΄ve been watching you and Graham (rec.rev) for a long time now. Keep on posting videos! πŸ˜€

  2. Bertrand M.

    Great vid. You definitely are one of those people that know how to teach.

    Is that guy telling someone to ‘feed his sheep’??? So the sheep-feeding a prerequisite for loving him? ; )
    As long as the EQ sounds good, it’s all good!

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks Bertrand!

      And it’s more the other way around. The loving him is the prerequisite for the feeding…the motivation to feed. πŸ™‚

  3. mike osbourne

    just discovered your site…… the eq blog was by far the best Iv seen.

    Could you also do a similar one on recording and mixing acoustic guitar and vocal. I assume that with this less complex mix you dont need to roll the bottom off as much ?

  4. Alex Z

    Thanks for posting! You are a very talented teacher! Much appreciated and I look forward to watching more.

  5. Rock

    I love the practice track in the video. This song must be a christian song. I like the lyrics…Thanks for the session….Very helpful

  6. Akula

    Β hey…this is awesome bro. thankyou so much for that. well i’ll soon buy ur vdos whn i’m a bit financially stable. U R D JACKPOT I FOUND JOE :)All the best for career ahead πŸ™‚

  7. Richard

    Hey Joe, this was really nice and incredibly helpful. I’d done a couple simple acoustic mixes with minimal EQ adjustment, so my first “big” mix had me stumped until I checked out your tutorial video.
    Are you familiar with Mixcraft? I used their 7-band EQ to achieve similar results but I couldn’t seem to find a graphical EQ plug-in in-house. Any recommendations for a good third party one?

  8. mgjr73

    Hey Joe, I saw you were using EZdrummer. I’ve read on a book that VST drum samples are already processed with EQs and Compressors etc that there’s no need to process them any further. In your case, do leave it alone or do you make further tweaks?

  9. Mike

    thanks for the tips… are correct about Bass being a thorn in every engineers side. It is definitely my biggest challenge and drums are 2nd.

  10. Taipari

    I have problems deciphering what frequencies to cut and boost? i cant really hear what i am supposed to? i have good ears, im pretty much a seasond vet when it comes to music but my production skills are lacking and i am trying to train my EQ and COMPRESSION ears, please push me in the right direction!

  11. Eric

    Excellent! I do a lot more cutting on the low end these days. On electric guitar I often roll off below 100-150 Hz. Helps to bring out definition in the guitar and bass.

  12. Listen

    Nice song great ministry opportunity.
    I laughed right at the beginning because like most new engineers the first little project I did had absolutely no eq added or deleted it was what it was – and it was muddy, muddy, muddy. Thank God we get the opportunity to live and learn. Keeping doing what you do, it really does help…

  13. Dave Roscoe

    Hey Joe!

    Excellent vid on intro to EQ.. this is one area that really stumps me, as well as compression.

    Are these videos available anywhere in a more portable/permanent format???

  14. joerawls

    Thanks Joe, God has certainly blessed you, and thanks for blessing us in return.
    My mixes are finaly clean and not boomy!

  15. jimmyjam

    hey watched the eq video,,i have never touched the eq,,and i now know what the high pass filter is ,,cant wait to apply,,lot easier for me to watch your videos than read

  16. Luka

    Destroyed relationship between higher and lower tones of bass gtr…
    Find the fundamental freq of higher tones and boost them or just cut some lows to acchive the same thing

  17. Carl

    The EQ Video is equally informative at the Compression Video. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website. Thanx again – Carl

  18. Pavlov's God

    Best tutorial on EQ I have found. Thanks so much for the info. Can’t wait to try this out tomorrow on some of my mixes. You explained things in a way someone new like me can understand. Maybe this will reduce some of the muddiness I keep getting.

  19. Wayne

    Great video on EQ. Much better than most I have watched where they move so fast and don’t explain why or what for. I tried reducing EQ on some things I have done and it sounded great. Keep up the great work on the videos. Keep them simple and straight foward. Thanks Wayne

  20. David S

    once again, extremely helpful. you have the best tutorial videos i’ve found on the internet. you should replace the guy that does the expert village videos on youtube. he is horrible! i learn a ton every time i watch your videos. thanks a lot!
    one question: do you record your vocals/guitar or anything for that matter going through hardware before your 003? (ie: compressor, EQ, etc.) I’ve heard different scenarios on this topic and listening to your vocals and guitar, it sounded so good on your dry track i was wondering if you did anything like that.

    • Joe Gilder

      Hey David. I’m really glad you like the videos. Tell your friends!

      To answer your question, I think for this particular song I simply recorded directly into the 003 preamps. I do have an outboard Focusrite pre, and I definitely LOVE using outboard preamps and compressors, but I don’t do it all the time.

  21. okieve

    how can i learn about the different types of delays and how and when to apply it to a beat/rhythm towards the vocals to create a room effect please can u be of asistance please.

  22. okieve

    thanks for the video tuts learn a lot and even more but can u do a tuts on multiband compressors thank you

  23. About2Flip

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but do you have a chart that will tell me what to make mono, and what is stereo? Like Drums, I was told to make those mono on your tracks. Is that right?

    Thanks for answering.

  24. jackie sheeler

    well worth taking the time to watch this video, joe. i’ve been reading about and struggling/experimenting with EQ for a while. my god, there are encyclopedias out there on the subject! but to listen and watch while you demonstrated was a huge help. of course now i have to go back and re-EQ some tracks that i considered “done”. but it’ll make them better tracks!

  25. About2Flip

    Thanks!!! Great Vid, very, very helpful that you explained each section in the 7band EQ. It helped a lot. You should definitely do a video on Eq’N Bass; that is where I have a problem. Not sure if you have one, but a Video on when to use compression, how it works, est.; will be very helpful.

    You have a buyer when that ebook comes out πŸ™‚

  26. Adam S

    Thanks so much Joe, clearly explained and well presented.

    So in general, are you adding an eq device to every individual track? And you then apply eq to isolate a particular track’s frequency band so as to allow room for the other tracks’ sounds to shine through (more or less)?

    Do you typically have your entire drum kit on a single track? If so, how would you apply eq in that scenario?

    I applied your technique to an electronic “song” I am working on, and it did seem to work, although I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, just mimicking you for the mostpart.

    After you’ve eq’d each track, do you then apply eq to the master track?

    Thanks very much, looking forward to seeing/reading more.

    • Joe Gilder

      Hey Adam. Thanks for visiting! To answer your first question, yes, I typically EQ every track. Sometimes I do nothing more than roll off the low end. Other times I’ll do more extreme changes. You’ve got the right idea though, EQ is much more effective if you use it as a sculpting tool to remove frequencies rather than using it as an effect to boost different frequencies.

      I usually split my drum tracks out to individual tracks – kick, snare, overheads, etc. However, starting out, I’ll just have it on one track for simplicity’s sake. With drums, I’ll usually cut out a lot around 400 Hz using EQ. You’ll find this is a standard approach, it removes the “boxy” sound of the drum kit. I may EQ each individual piece or the entire kit…it just depends on the song.

      I rarely EQ my entire mix. I find that it does more harm than good, since it’s affecting every single track in the mix.

  27. KeyOfGrey

    I think most people have problems with EQ because they think they need to turn something up to hear it, while it’s often just the opposite. Your tutorial does a good job of showing how to cut things and the impact…great job!

  28. Joel

    By the way, any tips/tricks I should know about for this problem:

    If I EQ my guitars and vocals like you’re suggesting, I can tell I’m going to run out of RTAS memory (or whatever it’s called) pretty quickly. I’ve actually already run out on one song just using virtual guitar effects. Is there a way to get around that?

  29. Karim

    Thanks a whole lot Joe! This really helps. I like the way you present everything. You really make things a whole lot easier to understand. All this EQ stuff is not too complicated after all.

  30. Nickstutorials

    Very nicely done, Joe. As I said to you on Twitter, people should pay special attention to your EQ work on the vocal where you remove the boominess around 400hz. That ringing is subtle but really makes all the difference in the world when it’s tamed, so there’s definitely a lesson in critical listening to be had here. Keep it up!

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks Nick. You’re right. That frequency buildup between 200 and 500 Hz can be a nightmare if you don’t makes some healthy cuts.



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