Ah, microphones. They can be so much fun to use and collect, but if you’re just starting out, you may not really know what different types of microphones exist out there. Hope this helps!


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  1. Bastian

    hey joe good post im trying to record with a sm58 and sound pretty good but unfortunately i dont have a good preamp

    now i have a question and i hope u may help me, i’m buying a cheap condenser mic but i cant decide which one buy cuz i have 2 options
    the first one is the behringer b2 i listened really good opinions about this mic and i know that is cheap and really good.
    the second option is the audio technica at2050 i know a little bit about audio technica, & i know that they manufactures good mic
    well this are my 2 options. i hope u can give me ur opinion about, cuz you have much more experience in this stuff
    thanks for all ur tips and tutorials are so good
    and sorry for my english ahaha

  2. Joe R.

    I was sold on large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones and really liked the quality. After reading one of Joe’s Posts concerning room noise and a possible solution, I tried recording the vocals with a SM58. The SM58 Captured my voice just fine and I can not hear the unwanted signals I was getting before. I think for now I will be sticking with the SM58

    Click on the link below to hear the SM58:

    I hope thats ok Joe to post the link. ??

  3. Jamboni

    Great summary of the types of Mics. I think you indicated this a few times and want to simply agree: Let your ears decide on what works for you. There are plenty of affordable options; so do not fall prey to the belief that if it is expensive it must be good. You may be surprised as to just how good sounding some lesser expensive Mics are.

    Thanks Joe for your continued excellent videos.

  4. Nathaniel Ray

    Hey my brother and I are starting a home studio together and he bought the Blue Bluebird large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone and the MXL R-144 Ribbon microphone. I have a AKG 100 perception condenser microphone. I have a friend who wants to record some songs he wrote on his acoustic guitar. I was wondering out of these 3 microphones what ones would sound good and where should I place which mic where. I am new at this whole studio stuff and I really want to learn and get advice and some experience too.



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