A lot of us home studio owners focus on microphones, preamps, converters, monitors, etc. But what happens if we need a piano part, but we don’t have a piano to record?

Or perhaps we want a drum kit, but we don’t have the equipment to record one ourselves, and we can’t afford to hire out a professional studio?

That’s where MIDI comes in. I’ve talked about MIDI quite a bit here on HSC. I’ve even posted on MIDI Frequently Asked Questions, but I’ve never done a proper overview of it. So here it is!

Here’s an Intro to MIDI video. It’s taken from the Week 3 content of the HSC Production Club. Enjoy!

  • pop

    You need a better pop filter my friend

  • ray

    To sum up:

    Midi device only controls , parameters in your software.

    No midi device has sounds build in it’s hardware.

    Thx for info.

  • Stian Sylta

    Nice video.
    One thing I like about midi for beginners, is how someone with no piano training can use it to add basic piano/keys parts to their song by just playing some keys in the places where you want the piano. And afterwards just move them into the position of the chords they wanted to play on the piano.
    Before I started learning piano chords I used midi into logic 5, then moved the sounds around to get the chord I wanted, and the finished result sounded like I was adequate on the piano.

    And it even helped understanding the instrument better.
    Explaining MIDI to people is a great idea and this video was super. Will use it in my classes if that`s OK by you? (I teach 15 year olds basic computer recording.)

    • Sure! Glad you liked it! Just be sure to send your students to HSC! 😉

  • Great explanation of MIDI, you did a much better job than me lol Happy new year Joe!

  • fellard123

    Thanks for another great vid. Have do done anything on quantize in the past?

    • I've not done a quantize video yet, but it's in the idea file. Will hopefully come along soon!

  • JCWeatherly

    Great video! Another loose end secured! Now just have to find some musical talent to play the controller, lol!

    • Ah, talent. If only they'd make a talent plug-in. 🙂

  • The analogy of the TV remote to MIDI is excellent.

    Great video.