Last week I posted a video called Intro to Microphones. This week, let’s follow the signal past the microphone and into the microphone preamp.

A preamp is one of those necessary items for your studio. Either your audio interface will have built-in preamps, or you’ll use external preamps. Enjoy!

  • Alex Szczepaniak

    Your probably not going to respond to this, but I have several questions about preamps. For example what does it mean if a preamp has no digital inputs or outputs or if it has no computer connectivity. Im really confused so if you respond ill respond back with more questions. All I wanna do is record music professionally on garageband and this is sooooooo confusing. Anyways, thanks for reading, Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      If you’re starting out, you don’t even need to worry about preamps. You need an audio interface, something that has a USB or firewire connection to your computer. That’s where you need to start. It has preamps built in. Don’t worry about the rest. 😉

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  • Hey Ruben. First off, THANKS!

    Secondly, have you seen this?

  • Bruno

    Hi joe, nice video, thanks for sharing.
    The ones you show are pretty expensive, but it’s a good summary, thanks again.
    I own a presonus firebox and just got a second hand AT4040. I would like to have more mic input to my interface. It seems a preamp plugged into the 2 lines input is the way to go.
    Do you have a preamp suggestion for me (for less than 500$) that sounds better than the firebox’s preamp?
    Thanks and congrats, HSC is great 🙂

    • That True Systems P-Solo is fantastic. Also, the GrooveTubes Brick, and the PreSonus Studio Channel would be a great option, too!

      • Bruno

        thanks a lot joe I’ll check them out 🙂

  • Trent

    Recently purchased the Solo/610 and it’s really really nice!

  • Love the P-Solo. Loved the API 3124 the last time I used one too.