Yesterday was a Monday.

So I tweeted out: “Happy Monday, folks. (I love Mondays.)”

I really do love Mondays. New week. New challenges.

And the first challenge of the week for me was unexpected…and awesome.

I’ve been getting back into running. I go with my wife, and we take our son Owen in a jogging stroller.

We woke up and decided to feed Owen breakfast then head out for a run. First thing in the morning, Monday morning. Good idea.

We got to the park where we run, and the gate was locked.

What the heck?

It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning, the gate should be unlocked.

We wound up at a different park with a 1.6 mile trail through the woods. So we went for it. Off-roading!

It was ridiculously bumpy, and Owen was cracking up the whole time.

There were hills and fallen trees and mud…it was challenging but awesome.

I wasn’t really looking forward to pounding the boring pavement for a couple miles, so a jog through the woods was just the thing I needed.

Beautiful scenery, challenging run. Loved it.

And there’s a lesson here for you and your studio.

If you’re stuck in a rut of working on the same stuff in the exact same way…over and over and over…I bet you’re feeling burned out.

Or perhaps you’re simply not getting better because you’re not changing things up and constantly challenging your creativity and recording skills.

How am I doing that?

On my next album, I’m recording real drums and real piano, rather than using virtual instruments.

That’s a whole can of new awesomeness to have fun with.

What about you?

What can you do differently?

One thing you can do is change the WAY you use the tools available…like compression. Are you using it the same way you did when you first started recording? Do you still not quite understand what it’s doing and how to get a good sound with it?

Then your “jog through the woods” moment could be watching my Understanding Compression videos.

Might be just the thing you need to shake things up and start making better recordings.

Get started here:

Joe Gilder

  • dan

    How am I doing it? By recording a band live in my studio on Friday. The catch? All that will go into my daw is a 2 track from the console. All of the mixing will have to be done live. πŸ˜€

  • Could open a whole new can ov worms too..! πŸ˜‰

    • What do you mean?

      • Jon

        I think he means that by doing something you don’t normally do, you might be motivated to push on to even more stuff you don’t do and you could find that you really enjoy the new stuff!

  • Zionstrumpeter1

    Great breath of fresh air in this post Joe! Myself, I decided (about 2 months ago) to take private drum lessons and have a goal to play my own drums on my next project. Big goal, however I am very motivated (especially with a new 5 piece kit sitting in my studio) and disciplined when it comes to learning new instruments. Thanks for sharing Joe!

    • That’s awesome! Taking on a new instrument AND taking lessons. Love it.