Are you a “dip your toes in the water” kind of person?

Knock it off.

Take a lesson from Arlon, one of my new Understanding Compression — — customers.

He writes:

“I am a performing artist who has gotten half dangerous at recording in ProTools. I sort of know what I am doing, but there are holes…being filled with every new song I record. Thanks for your videos and fun emails! I am learning new stuff all the time – Thank you!”

Too many people want to learn EVERYTHING before they dive in and start recording. Arlon dives in and learns as he goes (a little more with each new song), and that tells me he’s gonna keep getting better and better.


Because nobody ever learns a skill by thinking about it a lot.

I didn’t learn to play guitar by ONLY watching other guitarists and reading guitar tabs. I learned to play guitar by doing those things and THEN sitting with my guitar for hours until my fingers begged for a break.

(I never “played until my fingers bled,” but wouldn’t that make for a cool story? Or maybe a song lyric? Ha.)

It’s the same with recording.

And editing.

And mixing.

Do you need to understand the concepts? Sure. But you don’t need ALL the information to start making some real progress.

Take whatever you’ve learned and go try it out.

Dive in.

Then learn something new and try that one. If you’re not trying things, practicing what you’ve learned, you’re not REALLY learning anything. And you’re sure as heck not getting any better.

So, if they’re a good fit for you, buy my training videos, but ONLY if you’re going to apply what you learn and get better.

Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

What say you?

2 Responses to “Just Dive In”

  1. Chris Porro

     i’ve read a bunch of books on mixing. some very good. some not. but one point they all try and impress is “you learn to mix by doing”. much like, as you said, playing an instrument.

    reading has it’s place. i doubt i’m going to learn about fixed and floating point math from mixing. but doing is what brings it all together; the reading, the listening, the theory. good point. wish i read this 8 years ago.

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks Chris.

      The sad thing is most people may nod their heads and agree that they need to just dive in and do it, but they end up wanting to “absorb more information” or “plan” before they actually do something.
      I’m the same way sometimes…so I have to slap myself out of it every once in a while.


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