Over the weekend I did quite a bit of recording. It was all topped off by an all-night drum-tracking session. Here’s a quick tip I recorded for you between songs.

  • Thanks! That 5:30 a.m. tip paid off for me. Starting to learn PT and needed a way to bring in EZ drummer tracks as a template.

  • Another way to skin the cat is to create a session template after recording the first time. Save a copy of the session then clear all the audio from the session (do not delete) after the region bin is empty save the session as a template.

    • That’s true, Jamie. One other person suggested that. However, that’s not what I was doing in this session. I had already recorded the scratch guitar track to 13 songs. THEN we went back to track drums to each track. Creating a new session from a template wouldn’t help, because the sessions had already been created. This technique is for importing track settings into an EXISTING session.

      You’re right, though. The session template feature in Pro Tools 8 is a God-send.

      • I didn’t realize the drums were being added to sessions that were already created. You are 100% right that import session data is the way to go.

        Great job with the studio videos. I hope to post my own soon ( read: at some point after I clean my studio )

        • Awesome. Let me know when yours are up. I’d love to see them.

  • shawn manigly

    yessssssssss. thanku!!!

  • shawn manigly

    I still can’t find how to get the send meters in mix view!!

    • On a Mac, Command-click on the little arrow on the left of the send you want to see.

      I believe it’s Control-click on the PC.

      Did that work?

  • Steve

    Question.. what is the mixing desk type you are using at Walnut. Didn’t quite see … Looked nice.

    BTW.. great tip..

    • That was an older Pro Control control surface from Digidesign.

  • Steve

    Hmm Walnut House.. Very appropriate..
    ha ha ha you are all nuts in there. especially working ALL night on drums..

    And then to take time out to give a video…
    definitely nuts.