My wife Pam knew this family growing up. They’re a sweet family…with on weird quirk.

They ignore farts.

Pam remembers sitting at the dinner table with them, and someone would let one rip.

And? … Nothing.

No one even cracked a smile. No response.

That reminds me of something that happened over Thanksgiving. We were at my parents’ house, and I decided to play a few samples of a some mixes from my upcoming album. I plugged my iPhone into the stereo and played snippets of two songs.

And? … Nothing.

They just kept playing with the kids.

Like a fart at the oddball family dinner table, they ignored me.

All joking aside, I bet this is a common problem for lots of us musicians. We slave away, pouring ourselves into our music, only to be ignored?

I told this story to one guy who does hip-hop music. He said for him people will listen and then say, “That’s pretty good for a white guy!”


Making music in the home studio can be a lonely world. The truth is, your friends and family like music, but they just don’t listen to it the same way you and I listen to it.

And they definitely don’t recognize the amount of effort we put into making the music.

Moral of the story?

I dunno.

Here are a few:

Make music because YOU want to make it, not because you crave recognition.

Find other musicians with whom you can share your music (who actually care about music and will give you feedback).

Make your music interesting to the non-musicians. (If I can get my wife to dance to one of my songs, I consider that a win.)

’Tis all for today.

Go make some music!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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3 Responses to “Like an ignored fart…”

  1. Mike van Dyke

    to be added:
    and you once shared a tutorial where you explained the technique of background vocals by increasing the distance to the mic. Again that was a wonderful vocal snippet of which I would like to have the whole song.

    But there is only the snippet so far.

  2. Mike van Dyke

    gooooooooooooooooood one!!! I think everyone in the threadmill knows what you are talking about. But …………….

    There is the other side of the coin. As for me eg I really enjoy listening to your music esp love listening to your singing. But it is really hard to get or better to catch hold of it. I love the snippets that are then and know in your tutorials and I would really even try to buy it, but the only thing there is is an old album, a newer one containing not your music but hymns and some new songs that are not the versions of the tutorials like in the case of “Behold” which is a beautiful song, but the only thing available is a guitar version that is far less interesting than the biiiiiiig one. If you add “behold” and make it available it will not be a fart but value that I will buy. Promised.

  3. frank

    It’s a hobby. It was a hobby for the Beatles, they were just better at it than us…Music is like cancer, once it’s in you,
    you can’t get rid of it.


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