Last month I asked you to tell me how I can make HSC better by filling out a survey. I’d like to wish a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. I got a lot of great feedback.


I’ve already incorporated a few changes, per your input. They are:

New Logo!

The biggest (and coolest) change I’ve made is updating the crappy logo/header I made for HSC. My buddy Micah Kandros, of Micah Kandros Design, whipped up the new header, and it rocks. HUGE thanks to Micah. If you have any design needs, I highly recommend working with him.

Now Home Studio Corner feels more legit. Take a few moments to take it all in. πŸ˜‰

Archives Page

Several of you commented in the survey that you have a hard time finding older articles/videos, that you would like a single place to find everything I’ve ever posted on HSC.

Awesome idea. Check out the new Archives page if you haven’t already. It’s got everything in one big ‘ol list. Tip: if you’re searching for something in particular, just hit Cmd-F (or Ctrl-F on a PC) to search the entire page. I do this ALL the time to find old articles.

Cleaned-Up Sidebar

If you look to the right, you’ll notice there’s little less clutter in the sidebar. Now that I have the archives page and the articles and videos “best of” pages, it seemed repetitive to have other articles linked in the sidebar.

I’ll be making a few more changes here and there as we move forward, but those are the big ones. Thanks again for all the input.

LIVE Mix Session!

This Thursday night, June 10, 2010, at 7pm Central Time, I will be doing a live mix session on UStream. This session is called

30-Minute Mix Session
How to Get Great-Sounding Rough Mixes FAST

We’re all constantly working on projects, and we like to listen to the songs as they progress from one phase to the next. We want the rough mixes to sound good, right? However, until you’ve recorded everything, it doesn’t make sense to spend hours putting together a rough mix. You need to be able to quickly put together a great-sounding rough mix, in 30 minutes or less, then move on. You’ll spend plenty of time actually mixing the song once everything is recorded.

In this session, I’ll be starting from scratch with one of my songs. You’ll be able to listen along (the audio quality on UStream is fantastic) as I quickly put together a mix. Afterwards, I’ll have a Q&A session, where you can ask questions about what I did, etc.

I will be recording the session and offering a replay to those of you who can’t make it, but I really encourage you to be there if you can. We’ll have a lot of fun.

There’s no need to register or anything, just show up. If you want to interact with me and the rest of the attendees in the chat section, you’ll need to create a UStream account. It’s fast, free, and they don’t spam you. πŸ™‚

Here are the details again. Mark your calendars for THIS THURSDAY:

Thursday, June 10, 2010
7:00 PM Central Time

Let me know if you’re gonna be there by leaving a comment below. I’ve got a fun review to post tomorrow, but I’ll need 10 comments here first.

  • LtLRec

    Yeah and post order configuration is also have been changed, great!:)

  • LtLRec

    New page design is great, and also kudos for the archive. I cannnot make to attend this session cause it starts 3 am in Hungary, and really need some sleep. Appreciate for the replay!

  • ViscoelasticMan

    Dude, your new image is pretty nice.

    However, I feel obliged to confess that I somewhat preferred the old logo. It gave Home Studio Corner a really home-ish feel. Now it feels professional. πŸ™‚

    Oh and thanks for the mixing session, I love watching people mix, unfortunately I can’t make it live but I’ll be watching the replay the same day you post it.

  • Tim Goddard

    I have learned a lot since finding your sight(about a week ago. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated! I am planning to attend your live mixing session tomorrow night. Once again thank you.

  • Junior Aidee

    Count me in.

  • Alfonso

    I will be attending Joe.. thanks

  • cool..thx for the tip in email. i’ll be there for the live mix!

  • Patrick Fogle

    Nice Logo…..I’ll be there for the live mix session!

  • Ill be there to watch the live mix!!

  • remi

    sounds great! The time difference will prevent me from making the session, so thanks in advance for the replay!!

  • i will be there πŸ™‚

  • John S.

    Love the new site, hope to sit in on the mix session tomorrow, see you then

  • Dave Ondusko

    Great look and organization for the website, Joe. I’m looking forward to the live mix session on Thursday.

    See ya then. And keep the cool studio stuff coming.

  • Lukas

    Now that’s a great new look!
    Changes are definitely for good. I have your archives page bookmarked already and I keep visiting it from time to time. I’m hoping to stay up till late on Thursday to watch the session live. If I pass out, there’s always a replay, right?
    Joe, a huge thank you for running this whole show, learned a lot from you and other users.
    Keep up the good work!

  • dp1594

    ill be there

  • Wow Joe, awesome renovation dude. Not that the old look was awful, but this does kinda “feel” more like an audio site as it loads up. Kudos on the logo, very good job. Love the sidebar and the new Archives page as well. Great job all around!

    See ya thurs, peezeout….

  • Angelo

    Whoa Joe! For just a second there, I thought my “Fovorites” link to HSC broke. The renovation looks great.

    I have a schedule conflict with the Ustream Live Mix Session, but I’m going to do my best to clear it. I would REALLy like to attend. If I’m not able to, I will definately be checking out the replay. πŸ™‚

  • Will this be recorded or be able to watch this at a later time. I won’t be able to catch at that time and wanted to know you’d repose the video or do another one?

    • Yep. There will be a replay.

      • Mark B.

        YAY! i haves ta work that night πŸ™ but i’ll catch it later, fo sho!

  • congratulations on the site facelift, joe! the graphic designer in me applauds the new logo.

    the archives section revamp is awesome. now i’m able to find stuff that somehow wasn’t there before, like your article about not spilling stuff in the studio. πŸ˜€

    i’m definitely attending your live mix session on thursday. thanks in advance for the invite!

  • Rob

    A replay would be brilliant as i wouldn’t be able to make it due to the time difference. Would you be posting the replay on your website afterwards?


  • FamousPatrick

    I’ll be there. Sounds very interesting. And I like the new look, but didn’t mind the old one.

    • carlisle

      I’m with you I like the old one this one seem artificial. the old one was nice to look at.

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    nice, new, shiny logo!

    my heart sank for a moment then until I read this part; “I will be recording the session and offering a replay to those of you who can’t make it”

    which is great because unfortunately I cannot make it. also a suggestion: use a fixed time clock in your posts for live events (it saves hassle)… so for this event it would be

    • FamousPatrick

      Did you say “shiny?” You wouldn’t be a browncoat, would you? (He said, knowingly.) Say no more!

      • christopher [chrisw92]

        browncoat??? I have no idea what your talking about.

        • FamousPatrick

          Oops! A browncoat is a fan of the short-lived “Firefly” sci-fi series and the movie “Serenity.” Since most of the slang used in the show is in Chinese, fans typically use the word “Shiny” (about the only English slang used in the series) when describing cool things.

          Sorry for accusing you of being one of us Serenity geeks. Go back to what you were doing. Nothin’ to look at here.

  • Demetrios Leiloglou

    Hey Joe, the new page looks great! I’m looking forward to Thursday night. I’ve really enjoyed Mix with us as well. Thanks for all you do!

  • Cool Logo! Congrats! I am looking forward to the Mix Session!!

  • Kevin Hilman

    Nice new look to the page Joe! I look forward to listening in on the mixing session.

  • vince morgan


  • Joseph J.

    Thanks for the changes! The new logo looks great and the archives page will be VERY useful. Looking forward to the mix session!

  • Preshan

    Love the new look for the site, Joe! The archives page is great too.

    I’d love to be part of the Live Mix Session too, but who knows what time it’ll be over here on the other side of the world (Perth, Australia)… I’ll have to check up on timezones πŸ˜‰