I’ve been telling my newsletter subscribers about my wife being pregnant with twins for the last several months.

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Maggie and Lyla.

Say hi!


Maggie – 7 lb. 8 oz.


Lyla – 7 lb

They were born on yesterday, June 12, 2013. Pam is doing great. (And yes, she’s officially my hero.)

Thanks for sharing this fun little non-recording-related journey with me. 🙂

  • Gabe

    Congrats, Joe!

  • Jojo

    Best wishes to the Gilder family from Germany!!! Your girls are so cute!!!

  • Juliet Padou

    So happy for you and the wife! They’re adorable – wishing the best for you and family!

  • Joel Fernandez

    Cute, cute, cute!! Congrats my fellow!!

  • Blessings for the new life and new journey! Take your time and enjoy every moment with your precious gems (wife included)…

  • Brendan

    Congratulations to you and Pam! Thanks for sharing the announcement and pictures with us. What a blessing. God bless!

  • Rick

    Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Gilder! Words alone cannot describe what it’s like to become a parent, something changes inside of you and you can never be quite the same.

    To quote one of your favorite words, it’s ‘Awesome!’ When my wife was pregnant with our second daughter I was taking drum lessons and I would tap out drum patterns on my wife’s watermelon belly. When my daughter was old enough to stand she became very interested in the drums and plays drums to this day(28 years later).

    Does it look like Lyla is forming a guitar chord with her left hand? Ha!



  • Stephen

    Hi Joe – just want to add my congratulations to the mix, so to speak! 😉

    Your girls are beautiful, your wife is truly amazing and you are one very
    blessed man. What a magnificent expression of our Lord’s love and
    boundless creativity!!!

    So happy for all of you. Blessings and joy in Christ~

    Stephen Whiting

  • André Paixão

    Hurray! God bless them.

  • Takis Playloud

    All the health and hapiness to all of you. My son Aggelos (Angel in Greek) says hi too 🙂

  • Kol

    More congratulations from Tasmania!

  • Danie / The Netherlands

    Congrats Joe. Life will never be the same again with two wonderful girls. Seems like this is going to be a Gilders Studio Empire.

  • Victor

    Congratulations, from UAE

  • John Gomez

    Beautiful girls! Daddy Gilder your are a blessed man. May the memories be plentiful and your family be graced with long life. Thanks for sharing your joy with us. From one father to another, I truly understand.

  • Ben Rico

    What a gift! Congratulations to you, your wife, and your two little miracles! Best of Luck Joe!

  • Harvey

    P.S. Just a hint about your future, I can still remember
    going though this with my one daughter, and you’ll have two at about the same
    time! The first time your daughters tell you that a boy ask her to go out on a “date”
    with him! This is the “weirdest” mix of emotions that you will ever
    have as a father!! Some of it is actually joyous, believe it or not! ( I can
    still remember this and I now have a granddaughter who leads youth worship and
    sings and a grandson who plays guitar in this church band, I am a blessed man
    too!) Of course, the o’l trick of cleaning your biggest gun with all your ammo in
    plain sight when he comes to pick up your daughter, kind’a helps a little!!!
    LOL! Seriously thou, I know you’ll make
    all the right decisions, God is on our side! Congrats Again!

  • Carlito

    Congrats Joe!

  • James

    Congrats Joe

  • Harvey

    Wow, Joe, Blessings + Blessings! Just think how maybe you could
    l be a backup singer for their first album! And with one playing the keyboards,
    the other guitar, maybe Bass? Could it get any better than that??
    Congratulation + Congratulation, from CA.

  • Tom

    Congratulation from Thailand! You gone be a buzzy man in the future I think 😉

  • Congrats Joe …. They are beautiful!! Which one sings and which one is the guitarist?